13 Signs Your Crush Likes You But is Trying Not to Show it

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We all know how frustrating it can be when you have a crush on someone but you are unsure if they like you back or not.

It can be even more difficult if that person tries to hide their feelings for you and gives you mixed signals.

You might think that they’re just being nice or maybe they don’t like you as much as you like them.

But what if there’s a way to tell if your crush likes you but is trying not to show it?

According to psychology, there are some signs that indicate whether or not someone likes you secretly, and even if they are good at hiding it you’ll be able to tell by understanding these 13 signs.

It will be easier for you to figure out how he or she feels about you and makes sure that their feelings are mutual before making any moves on them.

Ensure to read the article till the very end, so without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

13 Signs Your Crush Likes You But Is Trying Not To Show It

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Your crush likes you but is not trying to show it, either because of your personality or because they don’t know how to confess and tell their feelings. In any case, we can help clear things up! 

Here are 13 signs that your crush likes you without making any effort:

1) You Catch Them Staring At You

The first obvious sign that your crush likes you is when you catch them staring at you especially when you make eye contact with them.

He or she might think that catching your eye means they have to look away but if they keep staring at you even after a few seconds and turn away, it’s a sign that they like you according to studies when someone likes you they can’t take their eyes off of you. 

They will stare at you for longer than usual and won’t feel awkward about it if your crush is trying to hide their feelings for you they’ll try not to look in your direction too much.

2) They Play Hard For What They Want

If you feel like your crush is playing hard to get it might mean that they’re trying to distract you from their true feelings, playing hard to get is an unconscious way for them to hide their feelings especially if they are shy or want more attention from you

For example:

“If your crush seems to like they’re trying to avoid you from time to time or keep their distance when they see you, it’s a sign that they like you but are trying not to show it. 

However, if they try to avoid you all the time and even push you away it could also mean that they don’t like you at all.”

So be very careful and never chase your crush it’s essential to make sure that their feelings are mutual before making any moves on them or getting your hopes up.

3) They Bring You Up In Conversation

Studies have shown that when someone likes you they will start talking about you more often to others.

They’re very curious about you and want their friends’ opinions on you because they are excited that there might be a chance that they might get to spend time with you.

And subconsciously the only way for them to talk about you is by creating all kinds of scenarios in their head.

For example:

“If you hear from others that your crush has mentioned you in a conversation when they talk to other people.

It’s a good sign that they are into you they will be very interested in what others have to say and will ask them different questions about you in an indirect way.”

4) They Stand Up For You

A person who likes you will defend you even if they’ve never met you before and would normally not care about what people think of them.

When someone is very defensive of your actions it means that they feel threatened by someone else’s opinion or words towards you.

This can be a sign that they like you but are trying to hide it from you, they might try to change the subject or even stop talking about it because they’re afraid of what others will think if they reveal their true feelings.

If you feel that your crush is acting this way around you it can be a good sign that they like you without even knowing it.

5) They Feel Uneasy Around You

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One of the biggest signs that your crush likes you is when they get nervous around you, the butterflies in their stomach and being touchy can be very subtle at first.

But as time passes by it will become more noticeable they will have an unsure tone in their voice and find different ways to talk to you.

Even though the situation doesn’t require it, as time passes by you’ll notice that they always find a way to keep the conversation going and never run out of things to say.

According to psychology when someone is nervous around you they are most likely trying to impress you and it means that they care about what you think of them

For example, 

“You can watch out for sweaty palms and a shaky tone of voice if this happens every time you’re in the same room together it’s a sign that they like you but are trying to hide it”

6) They Follow And Interact With You On Social Media

If your crush likes you they will find ways to get in touch with you on social media even if it’s just by liking the pictures of yours that they see on Instagram or retweeting one of your tweets.

However, this is not always true because some people can get carried away with how public their feelings are and accidentally expose them online.

For example:

They might post comments and reactions to almost everything you post online, it can be a really small comment like so cute or something as simple as a heart emoji.

This is very normal behavior because everyone has their own unique ways of showing how they feel about someone.

But if it’s rather excessive then it could also mean that they’re trying too hard to show you that they like you.

7) They Look For Reasons To Be Around You

Another sign that the person you like might also have feelings for you is when they create different excuses to be around you even if it’s in a group setting.

For example:

“After school or work, they will volunteer to do an extra activity with your group of friends or make up an excuse about why they can’t stay at this specific event without you.”

They might want to spend time with you because they like the idea of us even if it’s not real yet.

They can be very friendly at first until they feel more comfortable around you and start acting more flirty which is when you will realize that their feelings are actually directed toward you.

8) They Put A Smile On Their Face When They See You 

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If you see your crush smiling right when they see you it means that they like you a person who has no feelings for you will act quite differently when they look at your face.

Another sign is when their eyes widen and they get really excited about talking with you or being around you, in general, they can keep smiling even after they notice that you’re looking at them and that is because they want you to notice it.

If this happens on more than one occasion then it’s most likely true that your crush likes you too but is trying their best not to show it.

9) They Send You a Text First

If they like you then when text messaging they will typically start the conversation they might not be that creative with their message, but in most cases, it’s because they don’t know what to say so they will just keep it simple and straightforward.

But if this happens more than once then you should take it as a clear sign that your crush likes you. 

One way to tell if they do is that they will send you funny witty or flirty text

messages throughout the day no matter what time of day it is.

If you notice that your crush sends flirty texts at awkward hours it might mean that they are trying to impress you and get themselves out there.

10) They Make An Effort To Continue Talking

Studies have shown that people who are trying to make a good impression on someone likely will try their best not to let the conversation die down.

They will ask you questions about yourself and make funny jokes at times but most importantly they won’t stop talking until you do.

If this happens more than once around your crush then it’s safe to say that they like you but are trying really hard to push their feelings under the rub.

Sometimes this can be a way of them showing that they are interested in you romantically which is why if your crush asks about your life or gets into deep conversations chances are they might have deeper feelings toward you.

11) They Get Secretly Jealous

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This can be a really difficult sign for many people to notice because it’s not always in the open some people are shy so even when they’re feeling jealous they won’t show it.

Their facial expression might change when someone else gets too close to them or starts flirting with them.

If this happens around your crush then that is most likely a sign that they have feelings for you only time will tell if this is actually true or not.

But one way to find out is by flirting with someone else just to get a reaction from your crush if their jealousy starts to increase and you see that they are trying to change the subject or getting annoyed then it’s probably because they have feelings for you.

12) They Try to Catch Your Ear

If you notice that your crush keeps getting the attention of everyone around you then this is usually a sign that they like you.

If someone has no feelings for you they won’t try to get your attention because they’re too shy or afraid of rejection.

However, if it happens more than once with your crush then it’s probably true that they like you but are just really bad at showing it.

One way to find out is when they make a joke and everyone laughs.

If they notice you looking at them while they are talking with someone else chances are they will try to make you laugh in some way or another to get your attention.

13) They Send You Mixed Signals

Sending mixed signals is another way to tell if your crush likes you if they play hard to get and pretend like they don’t care about you while at other times they are flirting with you or trying to do nice things for you then it’s most likely that they are into you.

The reason why people send mixed signals is because they are too scared to show their feelings.

So what it really means when someone is hot and cold is that they like you and want your attention but don’t know how to show it.


To sum it up, I think that if you are dating her/him who you really like and have feelings for but he/she doesn’t know it yet, then you should tell him. 

Don’t wait for him to come to you with his/her feelings for you – go ahead and confess!

Anyway, I hope it’s helped and if it helped don’t forget to comment below I would love to have your thoughts on it, and don’t forget to share it with your friends as well.

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