11 Fascinating Ways To Make Him Regret Ignoring You 

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Being ignored by someone you care about can be one of the most hurtful experiences. 

If someone doesn’t pay attention to us, whether it’s a friend, family member, or partner, we can feel bad about ourselves. 

But there are ways to make him regret ignoring you.

This article tells you 11 ways to make someone see your point of view and realize they ignored you. 

You don’t have to sit around feeling helpless and depressed any longer—it’s time to take action! 

Let’s begin by looking at why it’s important not to be too quick to forgive him for his actions.


  • When you stand up for yourself and talk to him about it right away, he will know that what he did was not okay. This will make him think twice before ignoring you in the future.
  • Your response to him should be strong but calm – either by standing up to him or leaving the situation.
  • If you want to talk to him about his actions, be polite and express how you feel instead of being mean to him.
  • Don’t forget to take some time for yourself if you need it. It’s good to have space to clear your mind and express your thoughts calmly.
  • He will know the results of disrespecting your feelings if you lead with kindness and confidence.

In the end, using these tactics will make him sorry for ignoring you and stop him from doing it again in the future.

How to Make Anyone Immediately Regret Ignoring You – Youtube Video

How to Make Him Regret Ignoring You

Don’t let him get away with treating you like this – show him that he’ll regret ignoring you! 

The first step in making him realize his mistake is to ignore him right back. If you stay calm and don’t react, it will show that his behavior is not okay. 

He needs to know there are consequences for ignoring people who matter to him.

You can remind him of how he affects you without saying it directly. One way is by not looking at him or talking about other things when he is around. 

This can give him clues about how you feel. Using either of these methods can convey a strong message without the need for confrontation.

Try to focus on yourself and do what makes you happy. If he sees how happy you are without him, he might apologize and start treating you with respect.

So, here are 11 fascinating ways to make him regret ignoring you:

1) Don’t Be Too Quick to Forgive

Don’t forgive too fast because it’s like giving a gift for nothing in return.

When someone ignores you, it can be hard to ignore the hurt and anger that comes along with it. If someone close to you is not talking to you, take a break to think before deciding what to do next.

If we don’t hold them accountable now, they might repeat the bad behavior in the future. If they don’t realize how their actions have impacted you, they won’t regret what they’ve done.

Express your feelings about how you were treated. Tell them why their behavior was not okay.

Take the time to do this. You can set limits on talking until you both have time to calm down and think about what happened.

If someone does something wrong to you, it’s okay to forgive them. However, explaining why their actions were wrong is important for a true resolution.

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2). Make Yourself Scarce 

If someone has hurt you, try to create some distance between you and that person. This can help them see how serious their actions were.

This means that when they ignore your messages or calls, don’t be too quick to forgive them.

Instead, take a step back and focus on yourself—your goals, dreams, or passions. If you take up hobbies and spend time with family and friends, you can show him that he’s not your only priority.

Let him come to you instead of always talking to him or texting first to get his attention.

If he doesn’t contact you, it’s okay to move on and focus on other things. It shows you are independent and don’t rely on him all the time.

If you avoid him and don’t give in when he ignores you, he’ll see what he’s missing and feel bad about ignoring you.

3). Show Him What He’s Missing 

Show him what he’s missing by living your life fully. Let him know you won’t wait for his attention.

If he’s not paying attention to you, don’t try to get him to notice you. Instead, focus on yourself and do things that make you happy.

Spend time with friends, try new things, explore new places- do whatever makes you feel like the best you.

Share your fun social media posts and photos of the amazing things you do without him.

He might regret not paying more attention to you when he sees how much fun you’re having.

Don’t rub it in his face though; simply show him what he’s missing out on by living your best life.

4). Making Him Notice You 

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Show your value and remind him why he liked you in the first place to get his attention.

Start by taking care of yourself. You can buy a new outfit, get a massage, or do something else that makes you happy.

When you look and feel your best, it’ll make him wonder why he ever ignored you in the first place.

Show off your talents and skills – whether through an art exhibit or other public display. Let him see what he’s missing out on now that he’s chosen to ignore you.

Maybe even let him know that others have noticed how talented you are as well! 

If you show what makes you unique, you’ll get his attention and make him regret ignoring you.

5). Making Him Jealous 

Make sure he knows your value – show him by doing great things like getting a job promotion or trying a new hobby. This could make him jealous, which can be fun!

You can get his attention by posting photos of fun activities on social media without him.

If you go on a trip or try a new restaurant together, it can make him jealous and regretful for ignoring you.

Stay confident and positive in everything you do. This will make the other person who envies you feel even worse seeing what they missed out on having with you.

Go out and live your life to the fullest. Show him how great things could have been if he didn’t ignore your worth.

6). Keep Things Lighthearted 

Keep your chats fun and enjoyable. This way, your partner will see what he’s losing out on by not giving you attention.

Be creative with your topics and keep his interest. You can chat about many things like news, hobbies, pop culture, or what he likes.

Just try to make him happy by making him laugh and smile! Don’t forget to include yourself in the conversation too! 

Here are some ideas for how you can keep things lighthearted: 

  • Share funny stories from your day-to-day life.
  • Ask him questions about his favorite movies or books.
  • Bring up funny memories you have together from past experiences.
  • Tell jokes or riddles.
  • Suggest a friendly competition like trivia or charades.

7). Use Social Media to Your Advantage 

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Social media can help you stay connected and show someone what they’re missing out on.

Sharing a funny post or picture online that relates to an inside joke can remind him of the fun times you shared together. It may also make him think twice about ignoring you.

You can use social media to remind someone of you. Just like their posts more or post something only they’d get.

This will gently push him in the right way and make him wish he had listened to you before.

7). Flirt With Other Men 

Show him what he’s missing out on by flirting with other men – it may give him the push he needs to come back around.

Make sure that your flirting is done in a public setting so that it’s more likely for him to see and get jealous.

Don’t be overly obvious about it, but make sure to giggle and smile at all the right moments.

If you can, try to find someone who looks like his type – this will really hit home for him.

Doing this will show him that you’re not sitting around waiting for him – you’re having fun without him!

It might just be enough to make him regret ignoring you. Don’t flirt too much with other guys. You don’t want your boyfriend to think you’ve moved on or are trying too hard.

Keep the conversation playful and relaxed, and let it flow naturally. If he notices something is different, then you’ve succeeded in your goal!

If you want someone to feel sorry for not paying attention to you, just be subtle and charming.

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8). Show Confidence 

Show your confidence. It will make the person who ignored you regret their decision.

If you show your special skills and talents, others will see how self-assured you are. If you act confident, people will notice you and you’ll stand out. Confidence is sexy!

This can make people notice you, including the one who overlooked you.

Showing self-confidence has many benefits. You don’t need others’ approval to feel good about yourself. You can feel confident even if others disagree or criticize you.

Don’t try to impress someone who ignores you. Real confidence is self-generated and not based on other people’s opinions.

9). Don’t Take His Ignoring Personally 

It’s tough not to feel hurt when someone ignores you, but it’s important to remember that it might not be about you.

Other things could be causing their behavior. Don’t worry about being rejected. Focus on yourself and how you can benefit from the situation.

There are different ways to destress. You can try a new hobby, hang out with loved ones, or take time for yourself.

You can stay busy and not worry about why he ignores you. This shows him that although his behavior is hurtful, it won’t take over his life.

Don’t ignore him completely, but also don’t give him too much attention. If you completely ignore him, he might think it’s okay to ignore you too.

If he contacts you again, respond in a friendly and relaxed manner. Let him know that while his behavior was hurtful, it did not affect his self-esteem or his value as a person.

Displaying strength can make a person regret their actions more than anything else.

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10). Play Hard to Get 

Once you realize his ignoring isn’t about you, it’s time to move on and make him regret ignoring you.

One way to do this is by playing hard to get. This works because people want what they can’t have. If he thinks he can’t get your attention, he’ll want it more.

You don’t need to be too extreme when playing hard to get- just enough so that he notices the shift in your attitude.

Here are some tips on how to do this: 

  • Avoid being always available to him. Keep yourself busy with other activities and plans. This way, you won’t be available every time he calls or texts.
  • Try to do things on your own without always involving him. You can hang out with friends or try hobbies that make you feel happy and independent, too.
  • Keep conversations simple. If it gets too serious, stop it and leave something to talk about next time.

11). Don’t Let Him Walk All Over You 

Show him that you won’t be taken advantage of. This will surprise him and let him know that you notice when he ignores you.

Make sure he knows what kind of person you are, and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself when necessary.

Don’t be afraid to express your opinions or take a stance on something. Having high self-esteem lets others know that you won’t accept this behavior.

If someone ignores or disrespects you, talk to them right away. Don’t wait, or it could become a bigger problem.

Try to stay calm and firm when expressing your thoughts. Being civil help prevent the situation from getting worse.

It’s effective to take control of a situation by being assertive and respectful. This can help him regret not considering your feelings earlier.


You can make him regret ignoring you, but it doesn’t mean you have to stoop to his level. Instead, focus on yourself and show him what he’s missing out on.

Take your time before forgiving and forgetting. Let him know that his behavior won’t be taken lightly.

It’s okay if you need to take a break and ignore him for a while. Don’t let this situation take over your life.

You deserve someone who respects you enough not to ignore your feelings in the first place. So keep that in mind as you work toward making him regret ignoring you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get His Attention By Ignoring Him? 

Giving him silent treatment is a subtle way to let him know his behavior won’t be tolerated.

Ignoring someone who ignores you can make a strong point, but be sure to think it through before doing it.

Make sure you don’t seem petty by retaliating in a similar way. Instead, you want him to realize his mistake and not just feel punished.

When executed correctly, ignoring someone can show that you’re confident and have self-respect.

However, if your goal is simply revenge, then this isn’t the best approach.

If you try to make him feel bad for not paying attention to you, it could just make things worse between you two.

How Do You Attract a Man Who Ignores You?

If someone is ignoring you, there are subtle ways to get their attention.

One way is to use body language and eye contact as your silent weapon.

You want to make sure that when he looks your way, he sees something confident and interesting. Smile and act confident.

Show him that you’re living your best life despite his lack of attention.

One way to get his attention is to show him how much fun you’re having without him.

Don’t brag or remind him, but drop small hints that show how nice it would be if he paid more attention to you.

Done right, these strategies can make him regret ignoring you and make him curious to know you better!

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