What Does It Mean When a Guy Cries Over You? [12 Meanings]

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Have you ever seen a guy cry over you and wondered what it means? When a guy sheds tears in front of a girl, it often surprises her. She might wonder why he is getting so emotional. 

Seeing a dude cry can make a girl ask a lot of questions. Does he have deep feelings for her? 

Is he struggling with mental health stuff? Is he trying to manipulate her? Or does his reaction have little to do with her?

Understanding why a man cries over you can help a girl figure out what it means. While crying can show a guy is comfortable being vulnerable around a girl, it could also mean other complicated feelings are going on.

In this article, we’ll figure out 12 of the reasons why a man cries for you.

Without any delay, let’s get straight into it. 

What Does It Mean When a Guy Cries When He Breaks Up With You?

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Breaking up with someone you care about can be hard. It can make both people feel very sad. When a guy cries when breaking up with a girl, it often means he is also feeling sad about the relationship ending. 

Even though he is the one breaking up with her, he might still care about her a lot. Saying goodbye and not being boyfriend and girlfriend anymore is painful for him too.

His tears show he is also upset and heartbroken that they won’t be together anymore. 

Crying does not always mean he wants to get back together though. He could be crying because he is sad, but still believes breaking up is the right decision. 

But the tears do reveal it is a tough loss for him and that she meant a lot to him. In short, his crying likely signals he is also hurting emotionally even though he initiated the breakup.

12 Things It Means When a Man Cries for You 

1). He Likes You and Is Very Sad 

One of the simplest reasons a guy cries over a girl is because he truly cares about her. 

If they have been dating for a while or are good friends, chances are she means a lot to him.

When something happens to hurt that bond – like a bad argument, breakup, or emotional distance – it devastates him.

A boy who cries in this situation is sad about maybe losing someone important.  

His tears show how deep his attachment and love for her is. He is incredibly sad about feeling disconnected from someone who means the world to him.

A guy may also cry if he misses a girl so much when they are apart that he feels overwhelmed with emotion. It points to how much he treasures her role in his life.

As the author Brené Brown explains: “How intense grief is when we lose someone we love has little to do with how long we’ve been together and everything to do with how much we’ve invested in the relationship.”

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2). You Made Him Feel Bad or Didn’t Accept Him

Sometimes a guy cries because of something a girl did that hurt him deeply. 

For example, maybe she harshly rejected his romantic advances. Or she could have insulted his looks, brain, career, or some other sensitive area.

When people already doubt themselves, criticism in a relationship can feel completely devastating. It seems to confirm their worst fears about not being good enough or lovable.  

Personal attacks can break through a guy’s usual defenses and make him feel emotionally exposed. This profound pain may spill over into tears.

Similarly, a man might cry if a woman betrays his trust somehow, like cheating emotionally or physically.

The broken commitment makes him question if he ever really knew or understood her. It can shake his faith in himself and relationships in general.

Cheating can cause severe grief and identity crises in guys just like girls. Underneath the tears often lies a heartbreaking feeling of loss and confusion.

3). He’s Having a Hard time and this Makes It Even tougher

Sometimes a guy’s tears have little to do with you. Instead, he’s already struggling emotionally with mental health stuff, grief, stress, or trauma.  

Your actions or distance act as the tipping point that finally makes him break down. The extra heartache compounds his existing internal troubles.  

For example, he may have recently dealt with a family death, job loss, divorce, major accident, violence, or disaster. He likely feels depressed, angry, terrified, or very worried. 

You may remind him of better times before his life fell apart. Losing your comfort means losing one more thing that brought him joy and stability. So he breaks down sobbing.  

Inside, his heart aches with deep sadness that has accumulated over time. You were just the outlet where these complex feelings bubbled up and spilled out. But his inner turmoil goes beyond your specific relationship.  

Guys often suppress difficult emotions until they can’t hold them in any longer. It’s rarely just about you – he desperately needs relief from ongoing suffering.

4). He Feels Safe Showing His Feelings to You

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Sometimes a guy might just cry since he feels okay being vulnerable around you.

Society often discourages guys from openly showing emotions besides anger. Many dudes hide sadness to seem strong instead of “weak.”   

But your man trusts you enough to show this other side of himself. He can take off the mask and knows you’ll accept him as he is. Being able to “be himself” means everything after a lifetime of putting up walls.   

Seeing him cry means he thinks you’ll respond with caring support and not shame or judgment. He finds big relief in getting to be fully human around you.   

His weeping shows the profound intimacy and safety he feels when he’s with you. So enjoy this beautiful gift and handle it gently.   

5). He’s trying to Make You Feel Sorry for Him

Sometimes a man might weaponize his tears purposely to get caretaking from a woman. This manipulation tries to inspire pity so you “rescue” him from what he’s upset about.

For example, he may cry about his bad childhood to distract you from his messed-up behavior. Or he weeps after fights to avoid apologizing for the issue at hand.   

By getting you to comfort him, he flips the script so you forget why you were originally upset with him. Instead, you pour energy into making him feel better.   

Crocodile tears can also convince you to stay in an unhappy relationship because you’d feel too guilty or worried to leave if he falls apart crying.

Men with narcissistic or uncaring tendencies frequently use this tactic. They wield emotions to toy with compassionate women. Tears become another tool for controlling you.   

So watch for any red flags that his tears are disingenuous. Does he show empathy when you cry? Or do the tears only turn on when he wants something?

6). He Has things from His Past that Still Bother Him

Sometimes men get very upset or sad about little things. This is because they have old ouchies inside them.

These old ouchies are from bad things that happened when they were little boys. Or from losing someone they loved before. 

When you act in a way that reminds them of their old ouchies, it makes their feelings hurt again. It’s like poking an old bruise. All the yucky feelings come flooding out.

For example, maybe his mom or dad left him when he was small. So if you seem mad at him or too busy for him, he might get really sad. Deep down it feels like he is being left all over again.

Other bad stuff might have happened too, like getting bullied, someone dying who he loved, or having a parent with an addiction. These things leave lasting ouchies on a person’s heart.

7). You Remind Him of Something or Someone that Makes Him Sad

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Or sometimes you might remind him of another person he cared about who went away or passed away.

Seeing you laugh a certain way or give him a certain gift could make memories come back of his grandma, old pet dog, or ex-girlfriend. And he starts missing them all over again.

When men have sudden feelings, it doesn’t mean you did something bad. It may just mean an old ouchie got poked from the past.

These ouchies can start hurting at any time. But talking about it, getting help, and people being patient can help men heal. Then the old ouchies won’t bother them so much anymore.

8). He Wants You to Feel Bad for Him

Sometimes when a boyfriend and girlfriend break up, the boy tries to make the girl feel bad so she’ll get back together with him. He might cry a lot to make her feel sorry for him. 

He knows that if she feels bad and worried about him, she might change her mind, especially if she was already having a hard time deciding to break up.

Seeing her ex-boyfriend so upset can make the girl feel sympathetic. She remembers the good times they had, and wonders if breaking up was the right choice.  

Even if the guy isn’t trying to trick her, his crying can make the girl question whether she should move on, if she was unsure about the breakup.

Of course, you should never stay with someone just because you feel guilty or bad for them.

But it’s hard for many people not to reconsider when emotions are running high. This is especially true if they still care about their ex a lot.

Those shared feelings they still have to make completely breaking up difficult. The tears shine a big spotlight on the pain of splitting up.  

So you have to be careful during the unsure time right after a breakup. Watch for fake tears, but also be kind if the heartbreak is real.

Being able to tell the difference helps me figure out these tricky situations.

9). Your Relationship Was Really Special to Him

Your friendship with him was really special. When a boy cries about losing a friend, it shows how much she means to him.

Your connection made him feel happy in a way that he doesn’t usually feel. Being friends with you was very important to him, even if he couldn’t explain why. 

He is so sad because losing your friendship feels like losing something rare and magical. His tears show how special your time together was.

You brought out parts of his personality that he doesn’t show everyone. Your friendship reached a height that he knows he probably won’t have again with someone else.

So even though it’s sad to see him cry, it also means your friendship mattered so much. His sadness shows how wonderful and meaningful your connection was for him.

He felt like your bond was almost sacred, one of the most precious relationships in his life.

When something so special ends, it makes sense that he would grieve it deeply. His tears are a sign that what you two had was very beautiful and rare.

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10). Sometimes When Someone Cries, It’s Not Always What You Think

Even when we want to understand why someone is crying, people are complicated. Their feelings can be a mix of lots of different things. 

So we should be careful about making assumptions when someone cries. There may be more going on inside them than we realize. 

For example, sometimes strong emotions like anger or stress can make people cry even if they’re not sad.

Or big life events like having a baby or getting married might make people cry for reasons we don’t totally get. People’s feelings are complicated.

We should try to understand patterns when we can. But the human heart – for both men and women – doesn’t always fit into simple explanations.

If we want to help someone who is crying, it’s best to be patient and caring rather than demanding to know exactly why.

11). He Wants You to React Strongly to What He’s Doing

Certain personality types crave drama no matter who gets hurt. They constantly stir up chaos because it makes them feel powerful. 

Seeing you get worried, startled, or upset after they cry makes them feel important inside. Even if they caused pain, your attention feeds their ego.

So this man might cry or threaten to hurt himself just to spark reactions in you. Any attention, even if it’s negative, seems better to him than none.

The healthiest thing is not to react personally. Guide him to counseling or call for professional help instead.  

You can’t fix his deeper issues with caring alone. A therapist can address the roots behind these harmful behaviors.

12). He’s Upset Because He thinks You Like Someone Else

A guy can get really upset if he thinks his girlfriend likes someone else. It’s one of the worst feelings for him.

He might start imagining she wants another boy who seems “better.” These thoughts scare him and take over his mind.

Little things make him worry even more. Like if his girlfriend talks a lot to or about another boy. Or if an ex-boyfriend keeps texting her. Even normal stuff seems suspicious.

He fears that his girlfriend will leave him any day now. So he gets sad and cries over small stuff because he thinks it’s proof she doesn’t want him anymore.

To help a boyfriend who gets jealous easily, you have to be patient and try to understand his feelings. But also make clear when he’s being unfair or blaming you for no reason. 

Gently explain why he’s wrong when he thinks you like someone else.

If he still won’t stop worrying no matter what you say, counseling could help him. His jealousy likely comes from deeper issues of feeling not good enough. 

You alone can’t make him feel secure – he needs a professional’s help to work on his confidence.

In Conclusion  

I hope reading about why men cry over us helps you be a little less confused next time it happens!

Just remember that tears generally mean good things like he trusts you and feels comfy being emotional around you. It’s a huge sign this boy believes you “get” him. 

But also keep watch that he’s not being tricky to control you. And don’t blame yourself for old worries from his past suddenly boiling up now.

Men need tons of support unpacking old memories so they hurt less.  

Most importantly, stick by a crying buddy reassuring them things will get better! Feeling accepted when majorly bummed out makes all the difference.

Around true friends, no one stuffs feelings down deep. So let those tears flow and offer your shoulder!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Weird If I Hug My Guy Friend When He’s Crying?

No way – comforting a sobbing friend shows real friendship. Ask first if he wants space or a listening ear. Don’t joke or tease later – those memories of caring support will become precious to him.

What Does It Mean If a Guy Cries for You?

If a guy cries in front of you or because of you, it shows he feels very comfortable being emotional around you. It is a sign he trusts you a lot. 

Seeing him cry could also mean he has very deep feelings for you that make him very sad or upset if something bad happens between you.

For example, he might cry if you have an argument or break up. 

His tears show how much he cares. They don’t always mean romantic interest though. A close friend might also cry in difficult times. But tears often come with strong feelings.

Does Crying Mean Love?

No, crying does not necessarily mean love.

Here are a few key points about crying and love:

  • Crying can happen for many emotions besides love, like sadness, anger, feeling moved or touched, physical pain, etc. So tears by themselves do not equal love.
  • People cry more easily with people they trust and feel comfortable with. So if a guy cries with you, it likely means they have a deep bond and strong emotions, but not always romantic love specifically.
  • When someone is in love with someone else, they may cry during emotional moments in the relationship – a fight, breakup, big milestone, etc. The tears express how much they care due to loving the person. But day-to-day, love itself does not necessarily make someone cry.
  • Some people simply cry more easily than others as part of their personality. So frequent crying could just be someone’s natural response, not an indicator of profound love.

What Does It Mean When You Cry Over a Woman?

There are a few potential meanings when a man cries over a woman:

  • He has incredibly strong feelings for her. His emotions are so intense that they bring him to tears, whether from happiness, sadness, grief, or other emotional triggers connected to this woman. This kind of crying often indicates he is in love with her or cares for her deeply.
  • He is going through something difficult related to her or the relationship. For example, arguments, a breakup, unrequited love, emotional pain she is causing him, or losing her in his life can all elicit extreme emotion and tears. The crying is an expression of the turmoil he feels.
  • He has a sensitive nature and cries more easily. While the woman may still be very important to him, a sensitive disposition means tears happen frequently for him when emotional. The crying on its own doesn’t necessarily mean the depth of feeling is extremely profound.

A man crying over a woman usually signals he feels a strong emotional connection to her or the situation involving her.

It can imply love, though also difficult relationship issues. Sometimes it simply reflects a sensitive personality.

The context around the tears can help clarify the meanings. But consistent and intense crying indicates the woman matters deeply to his heart.

Do Guys Cry When they Miss their Girlfriends?

Yes, guys can definitely cry when they miss their girlfriends.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Missing a romantic partner can bring up very strong emotions. Love is closely tied to emotional attachment, so physical distance and longing can become overwhelming enough to move someone to tears.
  • Tears are a natural expression of sadness or grief. If a guy is struggling with being apart from his girlfriend, crying is a common way those difficult feelings may manifest.
  • Men face less stigma around crying than they used to. It’s becoming more socially acceptable for men to shed tears, especially in intimate relationships where emotions run high.
  • Some men are just more prone to crying than others. If a guy is particularly sensitive or vulnerable, it may not take much emotion for him to reach the crying stage when missing his significant other.

Tears when missing a girlfriend signal the absence is causing legitimate heartache. This speaks to the depth of the guy’s investment, love, and attachment in the relationship.

It’s both normal and touching for a boyfriend to cry over the pain of separation from a girlfriend he truly cares about. The tears are a testament to the bond they share.

When You Cry Over Someone What Does It Mean?

Crying over someone shows that you care deeply about them. It means that a person is very important to you, and you feel sad thinking about them.

Sometimes people cry when they miss someone who is gone, or when something bad happens to someone they love.

The tears show the person means so much that it can make you feel emotional. It doesn’t necessarily mean something is wrong. It just shows that the person touches your heart.

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