When You Stop Caring, She Starts Chasing You

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A man and a woman sitting on the couch while playing video game

I was just wondering if you’ve ever sat down and thought to yourself, “How come she only wants me when I don’t care about her anymore?”

Well, I’m glad you asked because today we’re going to go over the SEVEN reasons why women start chasing you once you stop caring and how to get her to turn on her toe to come after you, ok.

So I guess you’re probably very well aware of the fact that when you start turning on her, maybe start acting like a jerk or maybe stop giving her attention when you’re used to giving her a lot. 

Now all of a sudden, she wants even more of your attention and starts giving you even more attention, as well as the very first reason that happens is because once you give her time and space to miss you, she actually will.

I suggest you continue ‌‌reading till the very END to figure out why she’s chasing you when you literally stop caring.

When You Stop Caring, She Starts Chasing

A man and a woman playing video games

In this article, you’re going to learn why, when you stop carrying, women start chasing. If you are wondering why this happens, make sure to read on 

What exactly you will learn at the end of this article is a simple but powerful idea that you can use today to stop caring so much and make a girl chase you.

If you fail to use these ideas girls will see you as an easy boy who’s cute to look at but never to have sex with.

So to avoid that, keep reading. 

Let’s dive into this topic step-by-step to get a better understanding.

1). The Less Your Care The More She Will Want You

I think that you experience a similar situation in life you probably had a person in your life with whom you enjoyed spending time then something happened between you two and you decided to take different roads in life.

Maybe you broke up with your ex and after some time you decided to move on and just do the things that you want to do in life.

You stop caring that much about her and just do the things that you want to start uploading pictures to social media about your new life and how you enjoy living it and all of a sudden your ex reaches out to you and becomes interested in you.

She starts to ask you what you’re up to and what you’re doing, she starts chasing you without you doing anything about it, and that’s one of the most annoying things in the world because it seems that she only cares about you when you stop caring and of course, that’s true.

The more you care the less she will be interested in you the less you care the more she’ll want you and your validation.

You see the thing about women is that they want to know that you are unhappy when she leaves you or doesn’t give you what you want that sounds harsh.

But she wants to know that she has control over you control over your happiness and that you can’t be happy without her and don’t interpret that in a negative light.

It’s because she wants to feel needed and when you stop needing her and start enjoying your life without her.

She starts to feel that she’s not essential and that she’s not worthy because you don’t need her to be happy. 

You see when you pay attention to a girl and chase her, you give her validation of her sense of importance in the world.

2). She Starts to Feel She Is Not Important

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Women want to feel beautiful and worthy of attention, and the only way they can feel that is if they’re getting attention from men.

But when you stop caring about her and stop giving that attention, she feels her sense of importance shrinking and she wants it back, so she starts to change her behavior.

Because the thing is that in reality, women don’t really care about you the only thing they care about is what you’re giving to them which is their sense of importance and when you stop caring about a girl she feels that she’s not that important.

She starts proving her importance to you so that you will validate her by giving her attention, and the only way to make her sense of importance last is to make you dependent on her.

She controls you in some way as this is one of the biggest struggles for a woman and a primary key to attraction a woman struggles to have control over you so that she would have the ability to get attention from you whatever she wants.

3). She Starts to Feel Uncertainty

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What a lot of guys do wrong is they think that if they’re going to give their attention non-stop to her, she’s going to be attracted to them.

But the thing is that if you always give her attention and make her certain that you’re always going to be there for her, she’s going to lose attraction to you.

Because what attracts her to you is that uncertainty about you those questions about whether you’re going to give her what she wants or not.

So when you stop caring about her, she starts to feel uncertain about her importance.

She’s uncertain if she’ll get your attention and approval from you; she wants to be certain that she’s beautiful and that her beauty makes you attracted to her.

 A woman’s sense of confidence comes from a man’s acknowledgment of her beauty, and a lot of guys get that right.

But he still missed a critical point they understand that women like being seen as beautiful, but they don’t get that if you want to attract her, you can’t make her certain about your approval.

If she starts to feel that you’re 100 sold on her and going to give attention and approval whenever she wants she’s going to lose attraction to you.

Because now you’re going to become boring to her because attraction happens only when there’s uncertainty. 

But a lot of guys do exactly the opposite they’re the ones who become a woman in a relationship, and they’re trying to trap the girl so that she wouldn’t leave them and give them validation of their sense of importance.

This kind of behavior pushes a girl away because it shows that you’re a weak man that can’t survive on his own. It shows that you’re desperate and you can’t get the things that you want in life.

4). A Change in Presence Forces Her to Notice 

When you stop caring and chasing, you will often find that she starts to notice you more. 

Women are attuned to the behavior of their partners, so if you suddenly change your presence and start becoming less available, it will force her to take notice. 

This is especially true when it comes to things like communication; if you stop chasing her and sending her constant messages, it will make her take notes and wonder what has changed. 

In addition, when you stop caring, she starts chasing you because it will make her feel like she needs to work a bit harder for your attention. 

This can effectively rekindle the flame between you two, as she may want to prove to you that she’s worth your time and effort.

5). We Remember The Positive More Than the Negative.

When you stop caring, she starts chasing you is a phenomenon that has become increasingly popular in relationships. 

It is believed that when a man stops chasing the woman in his life and instead puts his own needs first, she will naturally become more attracted to him. 

This is because women are wired to remember the positive more than the negative when it comes to relationships. 

By ceasing your pursuit of her, you suddenly become more attractive to her because it shows that you have enough confidence in yourself that you don’t feel the need to pursue her constantly. 

She will now be the one who is doing the chasing, and thus, she will now be more attracted to you.

6). She Notices the Man to Stand Out From the Rest

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When you stop caring, she notices the man who stands out from the rest. Women want a man that is confident, independent, and uninterested in the opinions of others.

When you show her that you can be that man, it will make her take notice. 

The way you act around her matters. If you’re constantly looking for validation or approval, she won’t be attracted to you. Instead, you should be sure of yourself and your decisions. 

Show her that you don’t need anyone else to tell you what to do or how to act. 

Women appreciate men who are comfortable in their own skin and have their own opinions on life. Don’t be afraid to voice your own ideas or challenge her beliefs. She’ll respect you for standing up for yourself without backing down from a disagreement. 

Be spontaneous and unpredictable. Women love a man who keeps them guessing.

Doing something unexpected will make her take notice and make her wonder what else you’re capable of. 

7). Not Caring Makes Her Seem Like You Have Options

When you stop caring and pursuing someone, it sends a message to her that you are not overly invested in her. 

It makes her realize that there are other people in your life that you could choose to pursue instead of her, which makes her start to question their own worthiness. 

When you stop caring, it also makes her realize that she needs to make an effort to win your attention.

She starts to see that you have options and that if she doesn’t step up her game, then she may lose you. 

And you know It’s a powerful motivator for her and makes her feel like she needs to work hard to keep your attention. 

Showing that you don’t have to settle for just her encourages her to try to get your attention and make sure that you don’t move on to someone else.

8). It Makes You Seem Stable And Confident in Yourself 

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When you stop caring and stop chasing her, you are showing her that you are stable and confident in yourself. 

This is because you are not desperate for her attention and approval, but rather you are content with yourself and your life. 

By displaying this confidence and stability, you become more attractive to her.

She will notice the change in your behavior and will begin to wonder why you aren’t chasing after her anymore. 

This is when she starts to realize that she may be losing your interest, which causes her to start pursuing you instead.

By not caring about her opinion of you and being content with who you are, it shows that you have a strong sense of self-worth and confidence in your own abilities. 

This makes you stand out from the rest of the men who would usually be all over her.

When a woman notices this kind of strength and stability in a man, she finds it incredibly attractive.

9). You Stand Out in Her Eyes

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I have personally experienced this as a woman, when you don’t care about getting into her pants she starts to think that maybe you have plenty of other pants at your disposal.

So not caring about what we think or what we want or if we want you that says to us well maybe he like doesn’t care because he has so many other women to choose from, and when we sit and think that you might have other girls that you could choose from.

We think to ourselves OMG that must mean that he’s totally a catch I should totally find out if I can catch him myself really it just puts you in a higher level position in our eyes.

Because we perceive you as a man that has a very high value and who you can have your pick of other ladies; we would be very lucky if you picked this lady.

10). Nonreactivity Shows Confidence And Stability

Being nonreactive gives off an air of stability and confidence so the reason giving off an air of stability when you are nonreactive towards a woman.

Or when you don’t give a shit about her is because it tells her primal brain that omg if a bear were to come in and attack us right now he would be like so calm cool and collected, and he would probably beat the shit out of that bear.

Another reason that nonreactivity is so attractive to a woman is because it shows her that maybe a pair of tits and ass isn’t gonna just make you go running from us.

The next time another one comes around which makes us think that you would want to get to know us a lot more which makes us feel special and a woman wants to feel fuckin special we all chase that in our lives. 

So these are the 10 reasons why we ladies start chasing after you when you stop caring about us, and to find out all the other mistakes girls are making out there and to make sure you don’t fall victim to any of them.

Don’t forget to check out the article: 17 Crazy Ways To Get Him Interested Again not only will it help you avoid falling into these traps but it will also help you exactly how to get a guy interested in you again that you want.

So now that you know these 10 little secrets as to why she will start chasing you when you stop giving ‌a shit about us.

Use it to your advantage to stop chasing girls yourself and start getting chased tonight.

What Happens When You Stop Chasing Her

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When you stop chasing her, you’ll notice a shift in the dynamics of your relationship. You’ll no longer be the one begging for her attention, and she’ll start to notice that. 

She may start to wonder why you’re not giving her as much attention as you once were, and she’ll be left wanting more from you. This is the beginning of her chasing you. 

When you stop chasing her, it shows that you value yourself and won’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. 

You’ll be able to take back control of your emotions and will no longer be putting all of your energy into trying to get her to notice you. Instead, you can focus on yourself and your own goals and aspirations. 

Your self-esteem will also increase when you stop chasing her. You’ll start to feel more confident in yourself and your abilities, which will make you more attractive to her. 

She’ll begin to see how much you value yourself and how content you are with yourself, which will make her want to be a part of your life even more. 

The most important thing that happens when you stop chasing her is that she starts to respect you more.

She’ll start to recognize that you have standards and won’t accept anything less than what you desire. 

She’ll begin to understand that she can’t just manipulate or control you anymore and that she’ll have to put in the effort to gain your attention and affection.

This newfound respect will only make her want to pursue you even more.

1). You Recover Control Of Your Emotions

When you stop caring and start focusing on yourself, it can be incredibly freeing and liberating. You no longer feel the pressure to respond to her every move or worry about how she’s feeling about you. 

Instead, you can focus on being the best version of yourself and leave the rest up to fate. This newfound freedom allows you to step back and observe things objectively instead of letting your emotions take control of the situation. 

You begin to take back control of your feelings and regain your sense of self-respect. When you focus on yourself, your own self-worth and confidence begin to build. 

You realize that regardless of what she does, you still have value. You realize that you are valuable in and of yourself, no matter if someone else cares or not. 

You take back control of your emotions and are able to move forward with a renewed sense of self-worth.

2). Her Opinion Of You Changes

When you stop caring she starts chasing you, and her opinion of you changes. She will begin to see you in a different light and be more attracted to you. 

It is a sign that she appreciates you more, as she starts to invest more energy in wanting to get your attention. She may even begin to question why you stopped caring about her and what you are doing now. 

The lack of control you had over her will turn into respect for your independence and freedom. 

Your newfound freedom also gives her space to think about the relationship, as she starts to wonder if the connection between you both is strong enough to pursue it. 

She will start to view you with admiration instead of indifference and this respect can be the start of something beautiful between the two of you.

3). You Begin to Value Yourself More

When you stop caring and start pursuing other interests, you begin to recognize the worth that you have as an individual. 

You can finally stop obsessing over her opinion of you and start looking inward at your own attributes and characteristics. 

When you no longer worry about what she thinks of you, you will naturally gain more respect for yourself. You begin to recognize that you have qualities that are unique and valuable. 

This confidence can also help you when it comes to attracting the right kind of people into your life. You can find yourself engaging in activities that are more rewarding and engaging because you don’t have to worry about pleasing someone else. 

Another positive effect of valuing yourself is that it will help you create healthier relationships with other people. When you know your own value, it is easier to set boundaries and be assertive in relationships. 

You will no longer feel the need to compromise your values in order to please somebody else, and this respect for yourself will serve to make your relationships stronger and more balanced. 

Finally, when you stop caring she starts chasing you, and you begin to realize that your happiness does not rely on someone else’s approval or validation.

You can take control of your emotions and begin to focus on the things that really matter to you in life.

By letting go of your attachment to her, you can finally start working towards achieving true contentment and satisfaction.


Aha, It was very stupid of me when I was running after girls and they treated me like an option because I wasn’t aware of women’s nature, and I bet most of you do not.

It takes me a while to comprehend what a girl makes you chase.

And now that I am pretty aware of how you make a woman chase you by doing nothing, which means don’t pay attention to her, and when she realizes that you don’t care about her anymore and that chasing you is not an easy job, you will be automatically more attracted to her eyes; that’s how human nature is.

It’s true because women don’t want to be defeated and when you stop caring it becomes challenging for her to win.

With that being said, I hope you found this article helpful. if you have any questions on this topic, please do comment below. I’d love to start a discussion with you guys.

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