13 Simple Ways to Make Him Fall in Love again After a Breakup

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A woman made a man fall in love again after a breakup

Going through a breakup can be really hard. When someone you love decides they don’t want to be with you anymore, it feels awful.

You might miss them so much and just want things to go back to how they used to be. 

The good news is – it is possible to make your ex miss you again and even want to get back together. 

This article will give you tips to make him fall in love with you all over again after your relationship ended. 

By focusing on yourself, remembering the good times, and giving him space, you can start rebuilding attraction. 

It will take effort, but by reconnecting as friends first you can get your spark back.

If you want your boyfriend to see how much you’ve grown and make him fall for you again, keep reading. The most important thing is to be patient and go slow.

So without any delay, let’s dive into it.

13 Ways to Make Him Fall in Love Again After a Breakup

1). Give Him Space

When your relationship ends, it’s normal to want to talk to your ex all the time. You miss him and still have strong feelings.

However, it’s very important to give each other plenty of space after a breakup. This means limiting communication for a while. 

It’s tempting to reach out constantly or try to see him before he’s ready. But this can actually push your ex further away.

Instead, work on focusing on your own life. Spend more time with friends and family doing activities you enjoy. Let your ex have alone time also to think or clear his head after your relationship.

Giving space opens the door for friendship later. It allows any negative feelings like anger or hurt to cool down a bit first.

Showing your respect for his need and space after the breakup makes him more likely to rebuild trust in you later on as a friend or even a partner again down the road. So be patient early on!

Tip: Delete old text threads to resist the urge to text him. Set a weekly limit for casual check-ins, then distract yourself with activities.

2). Focus on Yourself

When you go through a breakup, it’s easy to spend all your time and energy thinking about your ex.

But the healthiest thing to do is put the focus back on you. Spending time focusing just on yourself after a relationship ends will make you happier in the long run.

Pick up that hobby you had to drop when you first started dating him. Hang out with the friends who always made you laugh.

Read all those books piling up on your shelf. The goal is to pursue activities that make you feel good about yourself and bring you joy deep down. 

Not only will investing time in your interests, health, and relationships make you feel better, but it can also help remind your ex of what makes you special.

By focusing on your growth, you’ll glow with new passion and confidence. And by leading a life that fulfills you in and out, your ex may just realize what he’s missing without you by his side.

So don’t be afraid to be a little selfish. Make this period all about trying new challenges that excite you and celebrate the person you really are inside.

Tip: Make a personal self-care checklist with 2-3 goals per area – mind, body, spirit. Track your progress rejuvenating yourself.

3). Stay Positive

A woman hugging a man in black shirt

It’s totally normal to feel sad, angry, or even depressed after a painful breakup. You probably have moments where you beat yourself up over what went wrong.

But now is the time to make sure you face each day with a positive mindset.

Even though things are hard without your boyfriend around anymore, try not to get stuck dwelling on the negatives all the time.

Instead, focus on the little things that make you smile, like a sunny day or a funny video. Surround yourself with people who won’t let you stay sad for too long. 

Staying hopeful about the future will help a lot right now. Spend time picturing and believing better days are coming, even when you have to fake it at first.

Having this positive outlook can actually make it come true over time. And it will definitely start to rub off on your ex if you cross paths.

No one wants to reunite or be close friends with someone bitter and gloomy. So as challenging as it gets some days, do your very best to let your cheerful spirit shine through.

Tip: Write down 3 positive affirmations about yourself to repeat when you catch negative self-talk about the breakup.

4). Remind Him of Good Times

After a breakup, it’s natural to only think about the frustrating or hurtful parts of your past relationship. But that prevents you and your ex from remembering all the great times you shared too. 

“I’ll never forget when my ex and I stumbled across photos from our trip to Hawaii on the computer. We sat there over coffee, reminiscing and laughing hysterically about that disaster of a snorkeling trip. Those fond memories sparked us to start growing close again.”

Make an effort to remind your ex-boyfriend of the fun adventures, silly memories, and new experiences you had together.

Bring up inside jokes or places you used to love going on dates. Share old photos with him that make you both smile. This will help balance out any negative feelings from the breakup.  

Seeing those happy snapshots again can spark positive emotions and affection for each other.

It can make your ex miss what you two had when the relationship was stronger. Reminiscing about your best moments is also a chance to laugh together as friends again.

So don’t ignore the joy-filled parts of your history. Use nostalgia to rebuild fondness rather than staying stuck on the pain of splitting up. Looking back at the good times with gratitude can refresh your connection.

Tip: Compile a photo album or make a shared playlist with 5-10 songs that were “your jams” as a couple. Send it to him.

5). Apologize if You Were Wrong

Breakups are hardly ever only one person’s fault. But if you know you made mistakes that hurt your boyfriend or the relationship, it’s important to own up to them. Offering a sincere, thoughtful apology can help both of you find closure.  

So if there’s anything you feel badly about that happened during or right before the breakup – big argument, broken promise, loss of trust – gather the courage to apologize.

Make sure you mean it. Then give him space to process it without expecting anything back.  

Admitting where you went wrong shows you’ve done some mature thinking about the relationship since.

It shows respect and that you want to take responsibility. It will help reassure your ex that history won’t just repeat itself if you ever got back together down the road.

The goal is not to assign blame but to humbly acknowledge the past so you can both heal.

Apologizing if you hurt him also opens the door for forgiveness and rebuilding trust as friends – or maybe even partners again someday.

Tip: Reflect on your role in the relationship struggles through journaling. Acknowledge out loud to yourself first before approaching him.

6). Spend Time Together as Friends

It can be tempting after a breakup to avoid your ex at all costs. Especially if the relationship ended painfully or awkwardly between you two.

But spending some casual time together as friends can actually help a lot right now.

Suggest grabbing lunch or coffee to catch up. Invite him to a group activity like game night with mutual friends.

Keep things lighthearted. The goal is simply to enjoy each other’s company in a no-pressure situation, not discuss the relationship. 

Laughing together helps create positive bonds and experiences again after so much tension or sadness from the breakup.

It reminds you both of what you always liked about each other as people. Reconnecting as friends first, without expectations, also opens the door to rebuilding trust and attraction down the road.

Just be sure to respect his feelings if he seems hesitant or isn’t ready. Making time for simple fun lets you nurture the friendship without forcing anything more yet. So don’t be shy – invite your ex to hang out casually. No romance is required!

Tip: Invite him (along with others too) to a public group activity where you can interact casually. Plan fun icebreakers.

7). Compliment and Flirt with Him

A woman flirting with a man looking outside

There were probably lots of things that pulled you and your boyfriend together, to begin with.

You enjoyed each others’ personalities, laughed at the same jokes, and understood each other’s passions. Those attractive qualities are still there.

So, every now and then let yourself just compliment something you admire about him, without any motive.

If you notice his smile looks especially nice, or he’s wearing a shirt that brings out his eyes, speak up! Simple, genuine compliments make people smile and feel good about themselves.

Beyond that, some light playful flirting never hurt either. Flirtatious comments show you still find him charming.

Teasing or poking fun gently keeps conversations fun instead of serious. And a cute nickname, inside joke or flirty text reminds you of the bond you two always shared. 

The goal here isn’t coming on strong or pushing unwanted romantic interest. It’s simply remembering and pointing out little things you appreciate about each other.

Allowing some affectionate banter into even casual interactions with your ex-boyfriend can wake up old feelings of excitement and attraction.

8). Get Him a Small, Thoughtful Gift  

Surprising your ex with an unexpected little present might feel weird or tense at first. But a sincere, well-thought-out gift can actually be a sweet gesture after a breakup. 

“I asked him if someday he wanted to go with me back to the carnival we went to on our first date. I said it in a nice way, without asking him to be my boyfriend again. I just thought it would be fun. He said yes!”

Think small – something that shows you still pay attention to his interests and know the little things he likes.

His favorite snacks, a book you know he’d enjoy, a practical item he’s needed to replace. It should come across as friendly, not like you’re trying to buy his affection back.  

Add a short, casual note explaining why the gift item made you think of him. Keep things light – maybe share a quick funny memory tied to it.

The goal is simply to put an appreciative smile on his face. Nothing demanding or asking for anything in return.

Giving him a modest but meaningful surprise gift proves there’s still care and goodwill between you, even with distance.

It opens the door for nice interactions. Over time, gentle thoughtfulness helps him associate you with positive feelings again.

9). Recreate a Special Date or Memory

When a guy wants to come over to your house, it could mean he's interested in getting to know you better! 

Think back to a time when you felt happiest together in your relationship. Maybe it was a fun concert, a romantic picnic, or the first time you opened up to each other.

Choosing a nostalgic date or event that you both remember fondly and recreating it can be powerful.  

For example: “My heart raced as I walked up to meet my boyfriend for dinner, a year after we broke up. I had asked him to meet me at the same Italian restaurant where we had our first date.

Plan out all the details – return to the same spot, order the same food, and play the same song you slow danced to. Walk down memory lane together, literally!

Sharing those happy flashes from your past will make warm, positive feelings bubble back up. It also shows you cherish your time together and still put in effort to make new moments meaningful.

Don’t frame this as trying to fix the relationship right now. Simply say you’d enjoy the chance to reminisce and hoped to revisit the memory could make you both smile.

No pressure! Then let yourself be playful and affectionate like you used to be. 

Recreating a nostalgic experience reminds you of the magical moments you’re capable of together.

It plants seeds of hope that maybe you could reach that sweetness again, whether as friends or something more someday.

10). Write Him a Heartfelt Letter or Poem

Sitting face-to-face trying to explain your deepest feelings after a breakup can be intimidating or awkward.

But writing them down allows you to find just the right words to express what your heart longs to share.

Pour your honest thoughts, fond memories, and hopes out onto paper for your ex in a letter or poem.

Tell him how much the relationship meant to you, the things you’ll gratefully carry with you, and that you genuinely wish him happiness, even if it’s not together. 

Writing gives you unlimited chances to rewrite sentences until they convey the spirit of reconciliation, goodwill, and care you intend.

Choose whether to mail your letter or keep it between you, but the act of writing it will feel therapeutic.

Seeing your vulnerabilities and affections spelled out so genuinely, knowing how hard it was for you to open back up, may soften his heart. It reaffirms the real intimacy and trust you used to have. 

When words come straight from the heart, they have power. What you wrote will stick with him, leave an impression, and hopefully remind him that something special exists between the two of you.

11). Have a Meaningful Conversation About the Future

Once you’ve had some time to begin healing and find your footing as friends again, it can be helpful to have an honest chat about the future.

This doesn’t mean asking if you’ll get back together. It means thoughtfully discussing hopes, dreams and what you both envision ahead.

Tell him about the personal goals you’re working towards, like career plans, bucket list adventures or passions you want to keep pursuing.

Ask what he wants out of life. Listen sincerely and find common ground in what still connects you about the future.

Having an open, reflective talk about who you both want to grow into demonstrates maturity. It shows you’re focusing positive energy on the road ahead rather than staying stuck in the past. 

Moving the conversation to dreams yet to come instead of the relationship that fell apart gives a refreshing perspective.

It planted seeds in each other’s minds that your lives may one day align beautifully again as you blossom into your best selves.

A laughing man and a woman wearing sunglasses

12). Be Patient and Take Things Slowly

You probably want the pain from the breakup to disappear overnight and to fix the relationship as soon as possible. But don’t try to rush this process or force things before either of you are fully ready.

Healing emotionally, developing a solid friendship again and deciding if you should give romance another chance takes real time after a breakup. It can’t be sped up on demand.

Let things between you evolve gradually and don’t have expectations that he will be ready as fast as you.

Be willing to gently nudge closer but then pull back again if he seems at all uncomfortable. Rebuilding affection after time apart requires going very slowly. 

Match his pace each step, without judgement or impatience. Your willingness to wait until all awkwardness fades into comfortable companionship again works magic over time. 

With each laugh shared as friends or sincere check-in to see how one another is doing, your bond strengthens itself.

Let the patience itself be the proof to him that you’ve grown towards deeper care.

13). Show How You’ve Grown Since the Breakup

Breakups provide a powerful chance to learn from the experience and make positive changes going forward.

When your boyfriend sees firsthand how you’ve used your time and energy since to mature into a better version of yourself, it makes an impression.

Have you devoted focus to self-care routines that make you radiantly happy like new hobbies, community service projects or exercising often?

Have you read relationship books or taken helpful classes so you can be an even better partner someday thanks to lessons this breakup taught you?

Find natural ways he might encounter or hear about your personal growth rather than boasting about it.

For example, he may compliment your vibrant glow of confidence, ask what prompted your impressive career achievements lately or hear from mutual friends how impressive your dog training skills are these days!

When your ex senses how proactively you worked on healing and bettering yourself after your relationship ended, it builds admiration and intrigue.

He’ll find you captivating in exciting new ways while still cherishing the woman he originally fell for.

11 Signs He’s Falling for You Again 

1). He Finds Excuses to Talk to You

If he’s starting to have feelings for you again, he might text you random questions or comments as an excuse to strike up conversations. 

2). His Body Language is Warm 

Notice if he faces you, makes comfortable eye contact, stands close, or faces his torso towards you. These are all clues his body is feeling the attraction.

3). He Asks You to Hang Out One-on-One 

Quality time together where you can talk and reconnect emotionally is a priority when recombining sparks. 

4). He Opens Up and Shares with You

When he volunteers personal stories, feelings, or private life details he wouldn’t tell just anyone, it means you have his trust again.

5). He Gets Jealous When You Talk About Other Guys

If he tenses up hearing about who you’re dating or drops hints about wanting to know your relationship status, it’s often a giveaway sign.

6). You Catch Him Staring Adoringly 

Quickly looking away nervously when you notice him gazing dreamily in your direction is a big giveaway. 

7). He Finds Little Ways to Touch You

Affectionate gestures like brushing your hand or arm, fixing your hair, a hand on your shoulder, or playful teasing pokes show he craves physical closeness.  

8). He Remembers the Little Things

Recalling special dates, inside jokes only the two of you share, or your obscure interests proves you hold valuable real estate in his head and heart.  

9). His Smile and Laugh Come Easier Around You

Seeing him light up happily in your presence compared to appearing more serious or distracted with others reveals where he feels most joyful.

10). He Surprises You with Gifts or Favors 

Out of the blue, he brings you things he noticed you might like or helps out with problems he knows have been worrying you lately. 

11). He Opens Up About the Future

Offhandedly or seriously mentioning things “we should do…” months or years down the road tips his hand that he envisions you together.

Key takeaway

Going through a breakup is incredibly hard, especially when you still have feelings for your ex. The pain can make you want to rush into rebuilding things too fast. 

But with patience and by giving each other space at first, it is possible to rekindle the friendship and attraction. 

If you focus on personal growth, stay hopeful, and remind one another of the good times you shared, emotional bonds can slowly reform. 

Making an effort to compliment him, recreate special memories, and show how much you’ve matured and healed can help reignite that old spark again over time. 

While there are no guarantees, if you build things up slowly and nurture the love still there beneath the hurt, you just may find your way back to each other’s arms once more. 

The key is to lead with warmth and let go of bitterness, move forward with optimism rather than accusations about the past. 

If you both open your hearts again and give this second chance at romance the care it deserves, you can write an even more beautiful story together.

Thanks for reading this article to the end! I hope the tips have sparked hope about getting your ex back someday. 

I’d love to hear if any part of the article stood out to you. Or if you tried any small steps that worked to reconnect a little with your ex! Please share your personal story or experience in the comments.

Tell me:

  • What’s something you learned that you didn’t know before about getting an ex back?  
  • What moment or memory with your ex sticks out the most when you think back on good times?
  • Feel free to ask me any other questions you have too!

I want the comments to become an open discussion we can all learn from. Please open up and share your own story below.

We are all going through similar struggles and can encourage each other. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

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