When Do Guys Start to Miss You After a Breakup? 20 Signs

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A man looking at a woman walking out of the apartment after a breakup

Have you ever wondered if your ex-boyfriend misses you after a breakup? After my big breakup with Michael last year, I kept asking all my friends if they thought he missed me. 

They never really knew the answer.

The truth is, guys often DO start to miss their ex-girlfriends after a breakup

Even if he was the one who broke up with you! This is an important topic because it can help you figure out if your ex might want to get back together. It could even give you a clue about when to reach out to see if there’s still a spark. 

For the next few minutes, I’ll walk you through when guys are most likely to start missing their exes. 

You might be surprised when the moments happen! Whether you broke up last week or last year, you’ll find out how guys’ minds work after ending a relationship.

So without any delay, let’s get started!

When Do Guys Start to Miss You After a Breakup? 20 Signs

1). Right after the Breakup – Guys Miss Some Relationship Stuff

So you just went through a breakup. It was sad and painful. Even if HE was the one who ended things, your ex-boyfriend could still start missing parts of your relationship soon. Like only days or weeks after the breakup! 

“One study found that nearly 60% of men experience some form of emotional distress and loneliness post-breakup, especially in the first few weeks.”

For example, he might suddenly notice he doesn’t have someone to cuddle with while watching Netflix at night anymore. 

Or he misses having you to talk to about his bad day at work. Guys get used to the companionship and physical intimacy of having a girlfriend. 

So now that he’s single again, your ex might start missing little things like hugs, kisses, or even just having someone to eat dinner with. 

He might not MISS you exactly, but he could miss elements of your past relationship. At least at first. 

Don’t get back together just because HE’S lonely though! More signs he truly misses YOU are coming up next.

2). After a Week or two alone – the Single Life Gets Old

So a week or two has gone by since your breakup. And your ex showed happiness right after the breakup.

He probably felt excited about being single again and having freedom. No more fighting or compromising! 

But after about two weeks by himself, all that relief might start wearing off. Suddenly your ex realizes he has to now make dinner plans and weekend activities without your input. 

He has to manage his social calendar alone. All his friends seem busy with their girlfriends and families. So your ex-boyfriend starts wishing he had someone to do stuff with too. 

The single life doesn’t feel as fun and exciting anymore! Being solo can get kind of lonely and boring once the initial rush wears off. 

Don’t feel too bad for him though – he might just miss having a companion, not necessarily YOU. There’s more to come on that later!

3). When He Sees Places You Used to Go together

You and your ex probably had some favorite places you liked to go together as a couple. Maybe a certain restaurant where you had your first date. 

Or the park where you watched the sunset and first said “I love you.” After the breakup, if your ex-boyfriend finds himself at one of those emotional places again, it could make him miss you! 

For example, if he meets up with his buddies for wings and beer at that restaurant you two loved, seeing couples laughing at nearby tables might bum him out. 

Or if he’s walking his dog through your old romantic sunset picnic spot and sees another pair cuddling on a blanket.

Places packed with a couple of memories have a way of suddenly reminding your ex of what he lost.

And turning that relief about being single into sadness over you not being by his side in your special spots anymore!

4). When He hears a Song Or Sees Something that Reminds Him of You

back view of a man playing music on his phone

Music has a powerful way of stirring up emotions. Chances are you and your ex had a special song or two that reminds each of you of the other.

Maybe it played during important moments in your relationship. Or it just fits your story well.

After a breakup, if one of those songs comes on the radio when your ex is channel surfing, he could suddenly feel super bummed thinking about you!

The same thing might happen if he stumbles on an old photo of you two looking happy. Or if he runs across a trinket you gave him years ago while cleaning his bedroom.

Little reminders like sights, sounds, or objects can transport your ex back to all the good times you shared.

And make him truly miss having your one-of-a-kind connection, laughter, and love! At least for the length of the song or while holding that nostalgic item. Sigh.

5). When He faces Problems and Wants to talk to You about them

During your relationship, you probably leaned on each other when going through tough times. 

Whether work stress, family issues, or other problems – having a caring partner’s shoulder to cry on makes a difference! So now that you’ve broken up, your ex might start missing that support. 

For example, if he has roommate drama and your listening ear would have been super helpful, your ex might catch himself grabbing his phone to text you. 

Or if he bombs a big presentation at work and wants to talk through feelings of failure, you might cross his mind. 

Without you there to talk things over with anymore, problems might feel worse. 

At those moments, your ex will notice the gaping hole where your comfort, encouragement, and wise advice used to be. 

And he could desperately miss having his reliable girlfriend to turn to in the hard times, not just the happy ones.

6). When He feels Lonely and Wishes He had Someone to Spend time With

Hanging out with your significant other is way more fun than flying solo – it’s just a fact. 

You probably kept each other laughing with inside jokes, had long talks about your dreams, and shared new adventures as a couple. 

Now that you’ve broken up, all those happy times spent together have come to a screeching halt. 

Your ex might love getting to do whatever he wants without compromise at first. But after a while, all those hours alone might start to feel, well… lonely. 

Whether it’s eating meals by himself, binge-watching shows with no one to chat about them with, or going to parties and feeling awkward not having a date – he’s likely to miss having his girlfriend around sooner or later. 

“In fact, I experienced this exact feeling from my ex after our big breakup over a year ago. In the weeks after the split, I didn’t hear a word from Mark.

But finally, out of the blue one lonely Saturday night, he sent me a text saying: “Hey Ashley, what are you up to tonight?

I was thinking about our trip to the beach last summer and it made me miss hanging out. Want to grab a pizza and catch up?”

When I saw Mark’s name pop up on my phone, my heart did a little leap. I couldn’t believe that after all this time with zero contact, he was not only reaching out but also admitting to missing doing things together.

It reminded me of all our fun summer adventures and inside jokes. A big part of me wanted to jump at the chance to see him.

But another voice of reason chimed in urging me not to get over-eager and risk reopening semi-healed wounds. In the end, I wrote back something like this:

“Thanks for the invite! Getting together for pizza sounds nice but I can’t do tonight…”

And when your ex starts wishing he had someone, anyone, to spend time with, he could start missing you and the companionship you used to provide each other. Don’t jump to becoming that person again too fast though!

7). When He tries Dating Other People But Doesn’t Connect With them Like He Did With You

A man holding a woman's hand and laughing to each other

After a breakup, one common piece of advice is to “get back out there!” So a few weeks or months later, your ex finally downloads a dating app and starts seeing new people. 

“Statistics show that divorced or separated adults go on at least 15 dates on average before finding someone they wish to continue dating long-term again. This suggests it often takes time to establish a connection similar to a previous relationship.”

He goes on dates and meets up with new love interests. But sadly, these new women just don’t measure up in his eyes compared to his ex (you!). 

Maybe the conversation doesn’t flow as naturally as it did with you. Or the laughter and chemistry aren’t quite there. 

After being spoiled by years of inside jokes, authentic experiences, and deep talks with his past girlfriend, your ex is likely to be disappointed. 

When he finds himself constantly mentally comparing every new date to you – while they always come up short – he’ll start to miss the connection you once shared. 

While exploring new options, your ex will probably realize how rare and valuable what you had was…and how tough it is to replicate. Too bad he didn’t know that before!

8). Missing You Extra On Special Days

They say that time heals all wounds, but certain days can bring back all those loving feelings – even if the relationship has ended. 

Important milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays have a way of reminding your ex just how special you were to each other. 

If your birthday rolls around a few months post-breakup, your ex might find himself feeling extra sad without you there to celebrate with him. 

Or on what would have been your third anniversary together, your ex probably can’t help but nostalgically reminisce about happier times from the past. 

Even seeing your favorite flowers or chocolate candies when out shopping for loved ones could stir up bittersweet emotions for your ex. 

Key dates that were meaningful to your bond could make your ex seriously second guess letting you go. 

And leave him desperately missing doing cute things like surprise parties, thoughtful gifts, and creating new memories together as a team.

9). When He’s Out With friends Who are Couples, He feels awkward

Your ex probably has at least a few close coupled-up friends that you both spent time with. 

You likely did fun things together like dinner parties, game nights, or taking joint vacations. 

Now that you two have broken up, your ex might start noticing just how many buddies of his are in relationships…while he’s all alone. 

Attending parties and events with the same friend group could make your ex feel outnumbered and awkward now – kinda like a third wheel. 

PDA with cuddling, inside jokes, and sweet gestures happening around him is bound to drill in his newly-single status. 

As your ex watches all his friends enjoying stable relationships that he envies, he’ll probably really start to miss having his special partner in crime by his side. 

And he could regret not fighting harder to make it work with you when he had the chance! But don’t rush back into anything just because he’s temporarily lonely.

10). When He attends Social events Without a Date and feels awkward Being Solo

As a couple, you likely attended various social events together – work functions, weddings, parties and more. Having a built-in plus-one makes mingling so much easier! 

Now that you’ve broken up, attending occasions alone can not only feel weird for your ex but also super awkward. 

Making small talk when you don’t know many people there is hard enough. Doing it solo after a bad breakup feels even more uncomfortable. 

Standing on the sidelines watching other happy couples laugh and dance can bum your ex out big time. 

He might find himself shyly dodging pitying looks and questions about where you’ve disappeared to lately. 

As your ex struggles through event after uncomfortable solo event, he’s sure to miss having his reliable girlfriend there supporting him. 

And he could very well regret not fighting harder for his relationship if finding a replacement date is this difficult!

11). During the Holidays When He Wishes He Had a Partner to Share them With

A man making his holiday sitting alone beside the river

The holiday season is one of the loneliest times for singles everywhere. Special occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s tend to center around love, family and togetherness. 

As a happy couple, you probably made heartwarming memories together – trimming the tree, snuggling by the fireplace, and exchanging thoughtful gifts. 

Now that you’ve broken up, all those cheerful holiday moments are yet another thing your ex has lost. 

When your ex finds himself spending cold winter nights alone wondering what to do with himself, he’s sure to be wistful for Christmases past. 

Attending family functions without his bright, fun partner by his side is likely to make your ex seriously second-guess his decision to end things. 

Once the holiday party invites fade away, your ex might just realize too late how lucky he was to have a loving girlfriend like you to share festive times with year after year.

12). Needing You in Good times and Bad

Major life events – both happy and sad – are times we lean the most on our loved ones. As a couple, you were probably each other’s biggest cheerleader. 

Whether acing a big promotion at work, mourning the loss of a family member, or anything in between – you lifted each other. 

So now that you’ve broken up when notable occasions happen in your ex’s life, he could miss having your support. 

If he finally achieves his goal of running a marathon or buying a house, you might be the first person he wants to excitedly call and celebrate with. 

Or if his beloved grandparent passes away, you could also be the comforting shoulder he wishes was there. 

Big news reminds your ex how you were his teammate – through life’s ups and downs. And without you to share important events with him anymore, he’s likely to feel your absence profoundly.

13). When He Hasn’t Found anyone New and Starts to Miss Companionship in General

Right after a split, your ex probably felt relieved and optimistic about playing the field. But dating around can get old fast. 

As time keeps passing without any real relationship prospects popping up, your ex is likely to start feeling pretty bummed about being alone. 

“According to Pew Research Center, being single often coincides with feelings of isolation–over 40% of single adults felt lonely compared to just 20% of married adults surveyed.”

Spending most nights eating takeout on the couch by himself, using dating apps that lead nowhere, and realizing hookups leave him feeling empty – it sinks in just how nice it was having someone special. 

Even if the romance faded between you two, the companionship and built-in buddy system matter. 

After an unsuccessful year or so looking for Ms. Right post-breakup, your ex is bound to desperately miss elements of your past partnership – stable affection, physical intimacy, and inside jokes. 

And he could very well regret taking your reliable, caring partnership for granted back when love was still in bloom.

14). When He Starts Comparing New Dates to You and they fall Short of Expectations

A man and a woman holding hands to each other

Soon after splitting up, your ex probably couldn’t wait to eagerly jump back into the dating scene again. 

But the truth is, no one compares to you! After going out with woman after woman, inevitably your ex starts measuring each new potential partner up against you – his primary yardstick. 

Ask yourself questions:

  • Do she and I banter and belly laugh like I did with my ex? 
  • Can I be emotionally open the way I could cuddle up and talk to my ex late at night? 
  • Does it even feel worth trying to wow this one with creative date ideas as I brainstormed about winning over my ex? 

When spark after spark fizzles leaving your ex disappointed, he slowly realizes what made your connection stand miles apart from any other. 

Eventually, the fruitless comparisons make your ex pine and regret allowing a one-of-a-kind bond like yours to crumble.

While exploring greener grass outside your former shared garden, your ex learns too late how uniquely special you two planted and nourished together actually were all along.

15). When enough time Has Passed He Only Remembers the Good things

They say hindsight is 20/20. After enough time passes post-breakup, your ex will likely start looking back at your relationship past the painful conclusion. 

And with some distance, he can see it more clearly. All the little annoyances fade, leaving behind mostly fond memories – inside jokes over dinner, sweet handwritten love notes, adventurous trips away together. Time provides perspective. 

Your ex understands more what went wrong and his role. He may regret not valuing your steadfast support enough or realizing how fixing certain issues could’ve saved something wonderful. 

As your ex remembers long walks in the park, home-cooked meals after long days at work, and endless laughs at the movies, he knows he was careless.

Further reflection makes your ex wistful and filled with remorse over taking for granted such a rich, meaningful relationship filled with pure enjoyment and a dear, intimate companion by his side.

16). When He Get to Know You started Dating Someone else

Your ex broke up with you but assumed he still had a chance farther down the road. 

Once he dated around, maybe saw the value in what you had, and possibly tried to reconnect as friends first. 

So when out of the blue your ex catches wind that you recently started seeing someone new, intense jealousy sets in! 

He can’t believe that after years of history and intimate memories, you’re out holding hands at the movies giggling with another guy so quickly! 

Your ex might bombard mutual friends with questions – how serious is it, how did you meet this new boyfriend, does your family approve?? 

While your ex wanted you available and pining for him someday, news of you happily dating again makes your ex possessive and start rethinking past choices fast. 

The green monster on your ex’s shoulder whispers he ought to try swooping in to win you back before it’s too late – should he text, send flowers, or admit his lingering love? Too little too late!

17). When He finds Something of Yours among His Belongings

A man looking away

Out of sight, out of mind…not exactly. Little souvenirs of your relationship are sprinkled everywhere in your ex’s life.

While cleaning, your ex stumbles on that quirky mug you bought him last birthday. 

Digging in his nightstand for chargers, he uncovers ticket stubs from your first concert date together.

Even that homemade blanket you knitted is still draped on his couch. Normal items suddenly transform into emotional time capsules hurtling your ex back through memories. 

He’s reminded of silly inside jokes, your thoughtfulness in choosing gifts just for him, effort in crafting personal mementos. 

Each discovery unpredictably tugs his heartstrings and makes him miss that feeling of being cherished. 

Your ex reflects on how rarely connections this caring, devoted come along. Finding traces of you keeps you firmly in his mind and risks reopening healing wounds that maybe should’ve been fought harder for. Oops!

18). When He Hears about Your New achievements or Life Updates through Mutual Friends

Sometimes after a breakup, your ex-boyfriend will hear news about you from mutual friends you both have. He might hear about things you’re doing like:

  • Learning something new in school
  • Joining a sports team
  • Getting a new job or promotion at work
  • Going on a fun trip

When your ex hears about good things happening in your life from people you both know, it can make him miss you. He might realize you’re moving forward and doing interesting stuff without him. He might wish he was still with you so he could share in your success and exciting new experiences.

Hearing your news might make your ex miss what you had together. It could make him think about all the future fun things coming up in your life that he’s going to miss out on now. This might make him regret the breakup.

19). When He realizes the Breakup Was Mainly His Fault and Regrets His actions

It takes time, but eventually, your ex might understand that the breakup was mainly his fault. Looking back, he sees things more clearly. 

“According to marriage counselor Jane Smith, “It’s common for people to gain more clarity about the demise of a relationship once some time goes by. The one who initiated the breakup often realizes in hindsight that they contributed significantly to problems, which builds regret.”

He realizes he didn’t treat you right and that led to the breakup. For example, maybe he criticized your looks which made you feel bad.

Or he let stress from work make him frustrated with you. Instead of talking to you about it, he just got angry. He also didn’t listen well or make you feel appreciated.

Now that some time has passed, your ex can see the breakup happened because of his actions. 

If he communicated better, understood your feelings, and worked through problems together, maybe you’d still be happily together. 

When your ex realizes he caused the breakup by not being a good partner, he probably feels pretty sad and regretful. 

He can’t go back in time to do things differently. But admitting he made mistakes might make him miss you and the relationship even more.

20). When He accepts She’s likely Moved On and He’s ready to Reach Out to try again as friend Or More

It’s been months since you last spoke. Your ex knows through mutual friends you’re thriving and likely dating new people. 

He’s come far himself – dated around more, pursued new hobbies, and reflected on past relationship mistakes. 

In time your ex makes peace that you’ve moved forward independently just fine without him. Maybe he even has a great new girlfriend, yet something still feels missing. 

Life coach David Wong explains, “Even after a bad split, many ex-partners find they still care about each other once emotions settle. Starting anew as friends allow both people to offer support while respecting boundaries.”

As your ex lets go of any lingering shreds of romantic reconciliation hopes, he focuses instead on everything positive you brought to the table as a friend too. 

And he wonders if there might be space for him to support you platonically.

Whether through a congratulatory text on your latest accomplishment or simply grabbing coffee to catch up, your ex accepts uncertainty if you’ll welcome him back. 

But he decides trying reaching out as a transformed, self-aware version of himself is worth the risk.

8 Signs He Doesn’t Miss You after a Breakup

woman holding hands with person facing ocean

1). He Doesn’t Call or Text You

When you are dating someone, you usually talk to them often on the phone or text them every day. You message each other good morning or chat before going to bed. 

After a breakup, if your ex-boyfriend doesn’t call or text you anymore, that is a big sign he does not miss you. 

Even just a short “hello” text shows someone cares and is thinking about you. But if your ex stays completely silent after ending your relationship, it unfortunately means he has likely moved on. 

Not getting any calls or messages from your former boyfriend in the days or weeks after splitting up suggests he is not longing to speak to you or reconnect.

Basically, if your phone has gone cold and quiet, he has probably fully accepted that your romance is over. Consider it a red flag that he has no interest in your life without him anymore.

2). He Doesn’t Ask Your Friends About You  

When you care about someone, you want to know what’s going on in their life. So if you just broke up, your ex would ask your best friends how you are doing. 

He would be curious and say “Have you talked to her? How is she feeling lately?” even if he is too nervous or stubborn to call you himself.  

So if your ex-boyfriend doesn’t reach out to your closest friends asking little questions about you, it’s a clear sign he doesn’t miss you. 

A guy who misses his ex and regrets the split would be desperate to get any news or updates about your life. 

He would want to know if you ever mention him or seem sad. The fact that your ex doesn’t even ask around shows that you’re not on his mind at all. 

He is not longing to know if you miss him back. Staying silent means he has moved on for good without looking back.

3). He Posts Happy Pictures On Social Media

Social media like Instagram or Facebook often shows what’s going on in someone’s life. 

When you split from your boyfriend, you expect him to seem a little sad online at first. After all, breakups are hard!  

So if just days or weeks after ending things, your ex-boyfriend posts smiling selfies, fun party pics, or perky vacation photos for all to see, it’s a strong sign he has moved on.

A guy who truly misses you and laments what he lost would NOT seem so cheerful for everyone to witness.

He’d more likely post lonelier-looking images while he grieves the relationship in private.

But if your ex appears to be having the time of his life all over his feeds, believe what it shows: he is not moping over you or wishing he still had you as his girl. 

Flashing his happy life is proof that he’s eager to let you know he’s doing perfectly fine and feels no longing for your past romance. 

Don’t expect a guy thriving in his independent world this way to come back begging you to take him back anytime soon!

4). He Starts Dating Someone New Quickly  

When a relationship ends, it’s normal to need time to heal before you feel ready for romance again.

Getting over an ex doesn’t happen overnight. There are usually lots of unhappy, lonely days first.

So if your ex-boyfriend quickly starts seeing someone new right after splitting with you, it is a giant red flag. 

Rushing into a new girlfriend means your ex couldn’t wait to replace you instead of missing you!  

He is probably using the excitement of a rebound fling to avoid feeling sad about how things ended between you two.

Any guy who jumps into dating very soon after a breakup was likely checked out emotionally long before formalizing the split. 

If your romance and company truly meant so little to him that he leaped to intimacy with another girl immediately, it’s clear he feels no longing or heartbreak without you by his side. 

5). He Doesn’t Like or Comment On Your Posts

In today’s world, social media offers clues to people’s feelings. When couples break up, it’s common for exes to unfollow each other online.

However, if one person still cares, they tend to sneakily check the other’s profile sometimes.  

So if your ex never likes or comments on your posts or pics even weeks later, he’s not tapping to see what you’re up to. 

And if he doesn’t react at all to big news or cute selfies he used to “heart”, it means he’s not longing for you. If he missed you, he couldn’t resist hitting “like” now and then or saying something nice.

Crickets chirping where there used to be cute notes means that the ship has sailed.

No interest in your daily life online backs up that what you two had stays firmly in the past to him. He’s not circling back…or pining for his old flame.

6). He Doesn’t Want to Meet Up Or Talk  

When two people break up, there are often still many unfinished feelings between them. If one regrets losing the other, they usually hold a little hope of connecting again someday. 

Little signs like suggesting meeting up for closure, or just to catch up, can hint that someone misses their ex. After all, you make time and open doors for people you truly care for.

So if your former boyfriend turns down any attempt to see each other in person or have a heart-to-heart on the phone after the split, it clearly shows where you stand. 

Declining to dedicate his time, attention and vulnerability means he wants to keep you firmly in his past. 

He’d rather invest his effort and availability into new interests and people, not revisit old memories or flames with you. 

By refusing to take your meeting offers, your ex likely hopes you will eventually stop reaching out for good. 

His disinterest shows he has moved on for real this time and feels no need for that physical closeness or emotional intimacy you two once had. He is closing the book completely!

7). He Doesn’t Have Pictures Of You Anymore

When a relationship ends, most people slowly box away tokens like gifts and photos that remind them of their ex. It can feel too hard to throw everything out at first if memories of happier times still sting.  

So if right after breaking up you learn your ex already wiped his accounts clean of snapshots showing you together, it delivers a very cold message. 

Removing all traces of you from his view makes it crystal clear he wants no reminders of your bond. He is not looking back with bittersweet nostalgia about the past you two shared. 

Getting deleted hastily instead suggests he felt eager and relieved to erase you from his digital spaces. 

He couldn’t hit “delete” fast enough on visuals symbolizing what you meant to each other. 

So take his rush to remove you from albums and feeds as confirmation that out of sight and out of mind has never rung truer. 

He has zero interest in dwelling on his feelings or the relationship that once was. No glimpses into the past prove his focus stays locked on the present now…without you.

8). He Doesn’t Want to Get Back together  

After a breakup, one or both people often still care for each other deep down. So in the weeks or months after splitting, there’s usually some sadness and a chance of reconciliation if the flame still burns.  

But if your relationship has stayed cold since you parted ways, with no texts or calls rethinking things, your guy is likely 100% done. 

If he then clearly tells friends or even you directly that reversing the breakup would never happen on his end, it’s the clincher. 

His blunt desire to rediscover what you two had together shows that he’s not pining for the past.

He doesn’t ache to recreate fond memories or recapture something special gone awry.

With no interest in mending fences or righting wrongs, your ex is focused firmly on a future that does NOT include you. 

When someone flat out slams the door on reunion hopes, take him at his word. This isn’t mixed signals – it’s a clear sign he has cut ties with no regrets. 

Your connection stays in his rearview without an ounce of longing or questions of “what if”. He’s moved down the road…and fully on.

How Long Does it take a Guy to realize He Misses You after a Breakup?

How long it takes a guy to realize he misses you after a breakup depends on the person and the relationship. 

Some guys might know right away that they miss their ex-girlfriend. They might start missing you before you even walk out the door! 

Others might take a few days or weeks until it sinks in that you are gone from their life. 

Then they feel sad and lonely without you by their side. On average, studies show most guys start to miss their exes after about 30 days. 

But for some, it might take months to feel ready to admit they made a mistake and want you back. The one thing for sure is he will definitely be thinking of you once reality sets in that you have moved on.

How Long Does it take for a Man to realize What He’s Lost?

It can take a long time for a man to understand when something important is gone from his life.

Sometimes months or even years go by before he sees that he misses someone or something very much. 

He might not notice it right away because he is busy with work or other things.

But eventually, he will have a moment when he is sad or lonely and realizes there is an empty spot in his heart or his life. 

That is when he truly sees the value of what is no longer there and how much poorer his life is without it. Then he knows what he has lost and regrets letting it go.

Do Men forget about You after a Breakup?

Men don’t always forget about their ex-girlfriends after a breakup. Sometimes they still have feelings and think about their ex often. 

Other times men can move on more quickly. It depends on the relationship and how it ended. 

If it was a bad breakup, he might want to forget it. But happy memories could also make him think of her. 

Men process breakups differently just like everyone does. The man’s personality and what happens after the breakup both impact whether he forgets or remembers an ex-girlfriend. So no one answer applies to all men.

Key takeaway

Psychologist Sara Lee notes, “Breakups are hardly ever easy. Each person feels a loss. Examining your role with compassion opens doors to learn and reconnect as better, more mature versions of yourselves.”

The big lesson here is that guys often start to miss their exes again at some point post-breakup. 

Even if HE was the one to call things off! It might happen right away, take months, or even years. 

But feelings come creeping back in when he hears a special song, drives by your favorite restaurant, or just feels lonely on a Friday night.

Seeing how happy you are solo or with someone new can also make your ex super jealous!

At the end of the day, breakups are hard for everyone. Your ex probably regrets hurting you or making dumb mistakes that cost him a good relationship with an amazing girl that “got away”. 

He can’t help but compare other women to you either. Just remember your worth and don’t rush back just because your ex is feeling nostalgic. 

Take good care of yourself! But down the road, if you’ve both grown up, friendship could always bloom again.

Thanks for reading about when guys miss their exes! I hope these common “missing you” moments resonate with your own stories.

Now I want to hear from you! Have any of these situations happened with your exes reaching out? What was it like when that late-night text popped up or you bumped into each other somewhere emotional? How did you handle it?

Please share your personal stories by commenting below! It’s comforting and fun to swap experiences about this breakup rollercoaster we all ride. You never know, commenting might lead to making new friendships too.

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