What Does It Mean If A Girl Calls You Dude? 8 Genuine Meanings

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What does it mean if a girl calls you a dude? It has several meanings, my friend. Maybe she is attracted to you or considers you a friend or maybe she likes you

You’re hanging out with one of your female friends, and everything is going well, and there comes a moment when she calls you dude.

Aha! Then you are distressed and wondering what does it really mean? What am I supposed to do now?

You don’t need to do anything until you comprehend the full meaning of dude.

Let me explain to you step-by-step ‌why she might call you dude and what it exactly means.

What if a girl calls you dude?

There are no single specific meanings of dude and you can’t decide its meaning for certain unless you read the situation clearly and understand her tone.

Before you make any assumptions let me shed some light on the history of the dude 

Let’s take a look at what Wikipedia says:

“From the 1870s dude words were commonly used to refer to someone who got dressed in a tremendously fashionable manner

But as ‌time passed, several other meanings got attached to it.

And after a decade, the word dude became typically popular for friends, and people use them in the same way today.”

There are other meanings of a dude as well, and girls use them for different purposes.

Let’s take a look at 8 possible reasons girls may use.

1). You Are In A Friend Circle

If she is calling you dude while having an in-a-friend circle, it’s no wonder because these days girls use dude words even more than guys, and it’s utterly fine, my friend. 

Maybe she considers you more than a friend of hers.

In fact how amazing it is if she considers you a friend, isn’t it? It conveys a clear message that she likes hanging out with you and admires being around you more than the others.

With that being said, give yourself a little smile because once she notices you more than a friend, you certainly become someone, not a random guy.

Now give yourself a little happiness and consider yourself on top of everybody. Because you haven’t lost anything rather you have won the war. 

Don’t think too much! And accept It’s worth saying.

2). She Naturally Calls People Dude

She is certainly not trying to convey something particular but rather it’s her way of calling everybody dudes naturally, and it doesn’t make sense at all. 

That’s why it’s better not to think too much about it.

It’s really not a big deal for her to call you dude because some people are so accustomed to it that sometimes they even call their family members like father or brother calls dude. 

Observe how she interacts with you and her other friends to see if she is used to saying it.

4). She Is Hiding Her True Feelings

A gary scale portrait of a woman face

What does it mean if a girl calls you a dude? Maybe she is hiding her true feelings because of uncertainty or maybe she is afraid of how you will react if she tells you the truth.

Sometimes, all she can do is hide her feelings from you because she is afraid that if she tells you, she will lose all the conversations, and hang with you, and she probably wouldn’t want to ruin it by telling you the truth.

She is not satisfied discussing her feelings with you because she is taking too much time to express her feelings but is unable to express them in a better way, thus she becomes frustrated and nervous.

It’s because she lacks confidence but if you insist on her telling you what’s going on, she will eventually gain the confidence to tell you all her inconveniences.

Remember, the best way is to ask her directly, in case you want to know for certain.

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5). She Is Quite Sensitive

Most of the time you might have probably noticed when something happens with her, she certainly starts yelling:

What the heck, or something else other than that, she might say, just to express her emotions. In that case, it really doesn’t convey any significant meaning. All she could do was ‌‌express what was on her mind.

Although it was thoroughly an unsurprising move for you, but don’t worry, there is still time for you to have the conversations going to see where it takes.

6). She Is Angry With You 

A woman in a gray tank top with an angry look

What does it mean if a girl calls you a dude? It has several meanings but the one that she may be angry with you for anything, and that likely happens when she’s your girlfriend

When she calls you in an angry or distressing tone, and she sounds like she is furious, it shows that she is angry with you. This especially happens only if she is your girlfriend.

However, when you fight each other, she may call you a dude in a taunting voice.

This is something that she lets you know that you have put your foot ahead of the limits because she considers you more like ‌friends than boyfriends.

See if she calls you dude on purpose to distress you or if you have said something lately that she is angry with you.

Other than that she may call you buddy, mate chum, or something similar other words.

It’s not a big issue, and you don’t really have to think about it only when you know that it’s happening every now and then. 

I have gone through this phase at the time, and I know how it feels, but as a friendly suggestion, I bet you put your head in agony only when it’s done with you.

7). She Likes You

If you’re still here, you’re probably reading this, but why are you reading this?

To get a better understanding, right? Okay, let’s go straight forward to clear your confusion of what does it means if a girl calls you dude.

Aha, there you go.

She ‌literally likes you, bro, yes you heard it right, and you wouldn’t want to miss it out:

She keeps the conversation friendly or casual, you can ask me here but:

  • Why with me? 
  • Why not others?
  • What does it mean? 

It means that she feels happy and relaxed talking with you.

She wants her comfort zone where no one will judge her for the way she hangs out with you.

She may not be able to clearly express her feelings for you, but you can look for other cues such as body language and the way she looks at you and others.

If you find her quite normal having ‌conversations with her other friends, but when it comes to you, and you notice changes in her body language, her looks, and her smile while talking to you, it means she is literally attracted to you, my friend. No matter if you accept it or not.

8). She Is Too Shy to Open Up

She feels shy or might be a naturally shy girl and is unable to express her true feelings for you blatantly, don’t rush over her, instead just give her some space to open up.

Although she calls you dude doesn’t mean, she doesn’t have feelings for you rather she may be shy, and of course, it takes some time for some girls to open up. 

If this is the case, you should give her some time, and eventually, you will ‌see her true feelings come out.

With that being said, don’t forget to do your best and be patient enough to let her make her own decision to be around you.

What to Do When a Girl Calls You Dude?

A romantic couple standing on the street laughing to each other

If a girl calls you dude, don’t overthink the situation rather play along with her, and come into a serious mood – tell her what you feel about her to get a straight answer

If you haven’t read all the above reasons we have discussed, then I would like to suggest you read that first before coming here, because you may be confused by reading this.

By the way, let ‘s now take a closer look into what to do when a girl calls you dude: 

Here are 3 explanations you need to know: 

1). Avoid Thinking too Much About It

Don’t overthink the reasons ‌why she called you dude because once you start overthinking the lines, it will push you to make unwanted decisions that will lead you nowhere but to despair after some time. 

As it is said,  “All that glitters is not gold”.

Yes, it’s true! Sometimes we overanalyze things but keep in mind that all we hear is not always true.

However, before you make any wrong decision due to not analyzing the situation clearly, pay closer attention to her style,  smile, body language, and looks to get a better understanding. 

Once you have analyzed everything clearly, and got ‌a clear idea of what she is thinking, you will ultimately make a better decision, my friend.

And in that way, I hope you wouldn’t grab your own head in agony for making the wrong one after a while.

2. Play Along

She calls you dude to see how you react. If she notices that you don’t react; she would also love to have you play with her along.

It’s the best moment for her to play along with you to see how you react to the situation; the chances are she likes you, and she may now be waiting for your response, and now it’s ultimately up to you if you would like to play along with her.  

With that said, in case ‌you would like to play with her but don’t know how.

Here are some examples for your convenience:

  • “Ask her politely if she calls everyone dude or just calls you.” 
  • Pro tips: “Ask her directly why she calls you dude to see what she says.”
  • “Ask her what types of a guy she likes being a friend”

Note: Don’t ask her all the questions at once as she might get bored; it’s just not her, but most people don’t like to be questioned. 

And guess what happens when you ask her questions from time to time? 

Eventually, she will notice that you have her interest and she may compare you to others and recap all the details of how you treat her, engage with her, and politely way to talk to her, thus she becomes more attracted to you. 

But as I said earlier, from now on it depends on you if you want to remain in a friend’s circle or to persuade the relationship further. 

3). Serious Mood

There are a lot of things going on in my mind, the few I would like to describe here are:

Ask her, I have something to say. “Why do you call me dude”?

Now that you asked her if she considers you ‌a friend, she would probably respond: Dude because we are friends. Ahan, “the end of all my feelings”, you think, right? 

Now you would ‌likely ask yourself:

“She was considering me in a friend circle, and I was a fool to have my feelings for her, right?”

Not really, my friends.

That’s not what you think, who knows, she might have feelings for you but not feel comfortable yet telling you at the time. 

By talking to her, you can get a clear idea of ​​her feelings.

If she says don’t be surprised because I sometimes call people dudes, then you can go further and say to her:

“Don’t you think we’re not just friends?”

Two things that likely happen between the two of you when you ask her questions:

1). The Bad One. 

If she doesn’t respond to your question clearly but rather pretends like she didn’t hear anything or you noticed that she did not have your full attention, and changed the topics repeatedly, it is obvious you are in a friend circle.

2). The Happy One.

However, if she has your attention and responds in a polite manner something along the line that she didn’t mean to hurt you, but because she likes being called you dude – you have conquered a half battle.

If you have true feelings for her, don’t delay, go straight to her to express your feelings in front of her before someone comes and takes your place in her heart. 

It could be anything like:

“I don’t know how you would react, but one thing I know is that whenever I see you, it feels like I have found everything in one person I dreamt of.”

If you notice her having a weird look or she becomes angry at what you said, then it means she has no feelings for you, and I am feeling sad to say that it doesn’t make any sense to hang with her anymore. 

Hope someday she would change her decision and would eventually come to you to express her feelings.

Last but not least, don’t despair, she may not have any feelings for you at the time, though, but having some time, she may start feeling for you and come around. 

As it is said: “There is always hope”


Everything is going on well, you consider a girl more than a friend, but somehow she starts calling you dude, and you become upset and wonder what does it really means for a girl to call me dude.

It doesn’t matter what she is calling you what matters is what she thinks about you, my friend.

As discussed in the article body again and again.

Now let me summarize the whole article when a girl calls you dude, remember it typically has one of the following meanings: 

  1. You Are In A Friend’s Circle
  2. She Naturally Calls People Dude
  3. It’s Her Habit to Call People Dude
  4. She Is Hiding Her True Feelings For You 
  5. She Is Quite Sensitive
  6. She Is Angry With You 
  7. She Likes You
  8. She Is Too Shy to Open Up

If you act upon what I have discussed in the article, you lose nothing but rather win the battle.

Don’t overthink the situation when she calls you dude as you might end up frustrated at the end.

Now that all the possible meanings have been discussed. Let’s move on to the conclusion paragraph.


In the end, it’s up to you ‌to either express your true feelings for her or spend time with her imagination.

After having some sophisticated research, I tried my best to write this article as to the point as possible and tried to leave no stone unturned.

I hope you have got an idea and cleared all your doubts regarding dude, if you have any questions leave me a comment below I would love to have your thoughts on it. 

And don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dude Mean You Are in a Friend Circle?

It depends on the person. But yes, to some extent but it’s impossible to say for certain because there are a lot of other possible meanings of dude words people use. 

It indicates several other meanings like:

1). If a girl calls you a dude, she might like you.
2). She calls you dude because she could be in a serious mood. 
3). She calls you dude because she considers you her close friend.

That being said, it’s best to put your feelings in front of her to get ‌a clear and clean answer.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Dude Over Text?

When a girl calls you a dude over text, it may have two meanings:

Either she calls everybody dude in a text message or she has a close connection with you to be more casual

As far as ‌text, it’s difficult to tell exactly but yes, calling you dude in person may give you a better indication of her feelings as already mentioned in the article.

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