What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Dear?  11 Clear Meanings

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If you are reading this at the moment, I’m guessing that a girl called you dear today, or maybe a while ago, and now you’re wondering what does it really mean when a girl calls you dear.

And you may ask yourself questions:

Was she trying to flirt with me or just trying to be friends or had some sort of feeling for me, right? 

There are not just single meanings of using dear by girls, but many.

Let me explain to you step-by-step for your ease and a better understanding that why she may use dear words.

When Someone Calls You Dear, What Does That Mean?

I am confident to say that no one would explain to you in ‌that much detail what I am going to provide you. In return, I need nothing but just to share with your friends if it helps.

Before we go deeper let me shed some light on the history of using dear words.

According to Wikipedia:

“The term “dear” is a term of endearment which is used to express fondness or admiration. It is often used as a term of address, especially when referring to someone with whom you have a close relationship. 

When used in this way, it can imply that the person has a strong emotional connection with the person they are addressing. 

For example, a mother may call her child dear to show her love and affection.

In some cases, the term “dear” may also be used to flirt or show romantic interest. If a girl calls you “dear,” it could be an indication that she is attracted to you. “

However, this may not always be the case as the word can also be used simply as a polite form of address. 

With that said, let’s dive into it for a better understanding.

What If a Girl Calls You Dear?

When she calls you dear it conveys not just one but several meanings, ‌and you can certainly get the idea only if you can understand all the meanings of dude 

For example:

  • She calls you dear because she considers you her best friend, 
  • She’s interested in you.
  • she wants to see how you react 
  • Or she may call dear to keep the conversation casual

If you don’t have a clear idea by now of why she calls you dear. Just keep the conversation alive to see where it goes.

I am going to share 11 simple yet exact meanings of dear that no one has told you before.

What Does It Mean When a Girl Calls You Dear?

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There are several reasons, meanings, possibilities, and situations that a girl can call you dude.

Now let’s discuss them one by one so you can get the exact idea: 

1). She Has Feelings For You

When she calls you dear it is likely that she wants a casual conversation, or is trying to be more friendly. 

But it’s not just that, you would have to see other indications to acknowledge clearly if she has feelings for you 

A few points you would have to be noted to see if she is interested in you:

  • She feels happy talking to you.
  • She looks at you from a distance with a silent smile on her face.
  • She pays attention to every little detail you say.
  • She is curious to meet you when she hasn’t seen you for a few days.
  • She always asks you about your personal life.
  • She connects her eyes with you whenever she sees you.
  • She asks about your wealth and family members.
  • She invites you to her house or for dinner.

If she calls you dear but you see that the above signs are not meeting, chances are she’s just trying to be friendly, nothing else. 

However, if you notice the above signs appearing when she calls you dear, it’s likely that she’s interested in you, and trying to develop a connection leisurely instead of telling you right away. 

She may spend time with you to get to know more about you, and probably wouldn’t want to ruin the benefits of being with you. 

With that being said, try to play along with her to see where it goes.

2). She’s Making an Effort to Be Kind and Nice

In some situations, a girl calls you dear to show her appreciation for you. Especially when you have helped her or done something lately.

In return, she may say: “It’s my pleasure dear! or “Thank you for helping me, dear!” as a way to express her gratitude to you. 

3). She’s Older than You

Sometimes she calls you dear because she respects you. This especially happens when she is older than you at ages, and considers you like her big brother.

She may ask you for your wealth and ‌ensure that you are taking care of yourself properly.

4). She Has Crush On You

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When she calls you dear, it means she has a crush on you and wants to spend time with you. You think, right? But it’s not always the case, you should see other indications to confirm if she has crush on you or is just being friendly.

It’s likely that she has crush on you, and doesn’t want to tell you clearly instead she calls you dear as a way to show her love.

She may have a crush on you that’s why she calls you dear.

But you might be asking me: “How do I know that she has a crush on me?”

Here are some examples:

  • She is texting you all the time and takes part in all the activities you are doing.
  • She is finding ways to spend more time with and share with you her daily personal experiences.
  • She doesn’t keep anything from you and doesn’t lie to you no matter what.

She gives you more time compared to her other friends, and when she’s not close but accidentally sees you from a distance, she raises her hand or smiles and sends it your way.

If you are still confused, keep the conversation continuing to see where it’s going.

5). She Has Respect For You

A girl could call you dear when she wants to give you respect. Yes, this might be one of the cases, my friend. 

it’s not always that she loves you or is attracted to you, but it’s because she likes calling you dear to show her empathy, and wants you to notice that she has respect for you.

If you still have doubts, seeing if she calls other people dear with the same mannerisms and politeness could give you a clear point on how to proceed further.

6). She Believes You Are a Good Person

Sometimes she calls you dear because she feels you are a good person. 

For example, you may have said to her something positive or given her encouragement for doing something lately.

If you think that is likely to be the case, it means that there are no emotional connections involved in calling you dear rather she calls you dear for the sake of respect.

7). She’s Used to It

Calling you dear has other distinct meanings, so don’t get your hopes high too much, though, because she may not mean what you think.

It’s always not the case that she likes or is interested in you.

She may be accustomed to using dear words naturally. Pay attention ‌if she uses dear for you or her other friends as well.

If you notice that she calls dear to everyone then it is obvious that she is used to it.

8). She Doesn’t Like You 

She called you dear and you felt that she liked or had some sort of feeling for you, right? 

Not really it’s not always the case, she may be just trying to be polite, and if you push harder yourself you are going to get hurt, my friend. So it’s better not to make any assumptions in your own mind before noticing other signs.

However, if she really likes you, she will give a lot of other signals, that I am going to cover in this guide, and you need to pay attention to them as well to be a better idea of why she calls you dear.

Keeping in mind all the meanings of dear will make you a better decision. 

9). She’s Trying to Get Close to You

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When she calls you dear, she is trying to get close to you because she wants to know how you would react and see your desire, thinking that meeting with her, so she could get a better idea of whether or not she should persuade the relationship further.

Sometimes she calls you dear, it’s because she wants to get closer to you to see if the two of you habit, desire, and think are meeting each other.

Pay attention if she asks you for your suggestion when she is doing something or going somewhere.

For example, she likely asks you “What do you think about it” and so on to keep the conversation alive. 

If that is the case, it means she is taking an interest in you gradually to see where things are going on. 

You should also play along with her to get her even more interested, and eventually, this will lead you to an unexpected and beautiful conclusion at the end.

10). She Picked Up Recently and Is Practicing It 

It’s just nice words for her and she might be practicing them to get used to them because some girls are too friendly or trying to be friendly all the time and she doesn’t even care what the next person would think if she calls them dear. 

 Let me specifically tell you…

Whenever you met her last time, she barely called you dear maybe once or two times in the whole conversation. But when you met her this time, she called you dear many times in a single conversation. 

If that is the case, ahaa! Now you are wondering what does it really mean?

But before you assume anything of your own, here are some examples:

It has likely two meanings as far as I know and has experienced.

If she calls you dear even more than the previous times you met in a single conversation, she is most probably interested in you and might try to pursue the relationship into something brighter.

On the other hand, if she calls you dear sometimes talking to you, maybe barely once or two times in a single conversation, she is likely practicing to get used to it, and just trying to be more casual and friendly, nothing else.

It’s not always for certain, you should also notice that she uses dear for all people even a random one or just for you.

Now it’s up to you ‌if you want to persuade the relationship further or just be friends with her.

That’s not all, my friend. You should read the other signs I have demonstrated in the article to get a complete idea.

11). She’s Flirting

When a girl calls you dear, it’s likely that she’s interested in getting to know you better. 

It’s a term of endearment that she’s using to show her feelings for you. In this case, she’s likely flirting with you and trying to make a connection. 

But it’s not always what you think.

Also, pay attention if she compliments you or touches you lightly when she says it. 

When a Guy Calls You Dear Over Text

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No one knows when she calls you dear over text but you. if she texts you even when there is nothing to talk about, It is likely that she is missing or has feelings for you. but it is also possible that she is time-passing with you.

If she calls you dear, who knows? she might be giving you hints that she is interested in you. But it’s not always certain if she is interested in you, but yes, you can guess to some extent. 

Let me give a few examples of whether she is interested in you.

  • She calls you all the time to ask you “Hi, long time no see, how are you?”
  • She texts you and tries to be funny in her texts.
  • When she has nothing to talk about, she asks you “What you are doing”. 
  • She wants to let you know what she is doing at the moment.

It’s likely she wants to signal to you that she is interested in you.

Other than that, it’s nice to ask her why she calls you dear, if she says that “I like calling you dear”, it means she has feelings for you, bro. 

But if she says that it’s just her way of calling people dear sometimes, then it’s not happy news and likely has no interest in you.

You don’t need to be desperate as there is always hope and keep the conversation continuing to see what happens ahead 

How to Respond When She Calls You Dear?

When a woman calls you dear, it can be a sweet and special moment that deserves to be responded to.

Here is how you can respond when she calls you dear:

1). Give Her Compliments

When she calls you dear, don’t overthink the situation but enjoy the attention and conversation she gives you. Show her that you’re open to talking rather than that you’ve lost the meaning of dear words.

You might ask me why?

Let me tell you something unexpected that may happen when you act upon it:

When you invite her that you are available all the time for her whenever she needs you, and also try to give her compliments like:

  • Oh! That’s very kind of you.
  • I appreciate you.
  • That’s really amazing to hear.
  • Not to mention, It’s my pleasure.

If you do this it means you have put your hands in the right place, because girls love compliments, especially when it comes to guys. You would nothing lose giving her compliments and saying that you are always available, but rather you raise your dignity in her eyes. 

In that way, she would likely express her feelings for you. If not then it’s no deniable that she never felt anything for you, and it’s better to accept the situation and move on.

And the more time you hang with her the better you would understand her nature and this key point, I think.

2). Make Her Shocked

Tell her how shocked you were when she first called you dear to see what she says. She will enjoy giving you her reaction like this.

The surprising one

  • “Oh my god, that was hilarious! Then what am I supposed to you?”
  • “Oh hell! You didn’t have to be shocked, because I normally call my friends dear.

If she responds to something like this, it is clear that she has no deep feelings for you instead of just being a friend.

The happy one

On the other hand, if she reacts like:

  • “Oh, I’m using dear not for everyone but for my close friend. 
  • “Oh, I’m so sorry that you were shocked at first”

Ah.. if this is the case, it’s a positive signal that she puts you apart from others. Maybe she is hiding her love for you and wants to wait for the right time to express it.

Or she could delay her affection for you because she needs some time to get to know you better.

With all that being said, let’s go to the summary and conclusion.


Now let me summarize the whole article when a girl calls you dear, it’s no wonder that it has one of the following meanings:

  1. She Has Feelings For You
  2. She’s Making an Effort to Be Kind and Nice
  3. She’s Older than You
  4. She Has a Crush On You
  5. She Has Respect For You.
  6. She Believes You Are a Good Person.
  7. She is used to it
  8. She doesn’t like you 
  9. She is trying to get close to you
  10. She Picked it Up Recently and Is Practicing It 
  11. She’s Flirting


With all the points kept in mind as discussed in the articles, now it’s up to you how you handle the situation. I tried my best to write this guide to clear your all doubts.

I hope this helps and if it helps don’t forget to share it with your friends. 

Also, don’t forget to comment below,  I’d love to have your thoughts on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to reply when a girl calls you dear?

Well, if a girl calls you dear and you don’t know what her intentions are behind it, give her a simple reply and see the situation further where the conversation is going.

It depends on the person, situation, and her way of calling you dear, you can’t judge what ‌her intentions are by calling you dear. But you can guess to some extent by paying attention to other indications.

What does it mean when a girl calls you dear?

It depends on the context. If she is flirting with you, then it may be a sign that she is interested in you. If she is trying to be polite, then she may just be using the term as a way to show respect.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine what she means when she calls you “dear”.

Is it a bad sign if a girl calls me dear?

Not necessarily. It could be a sign that she is interested in you, but it could also just mean that she is being polite. It really depends on the context and your relationship with her.

Is it OK to call a girl dear?

Generally speaking, it’s best to avoid calling someone dear unless you know them well and have developed a close relationship.

Otherwise, it may come across as too intimate or overly familiar.

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