I Know She Likes Me but She Rejected Me? 7 Definite Reasons

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I Know She Likes Me but She Rejected Me, Why? There are several reasons why she might reject you – keep reading, I’ve covered everything you need to know.

You do like a girl, and so does she. Everything was going fine, and you were looking for ways to express your feelings to her. 

Before you told her ‌that you liked her, you had thought a lot of things about you and her relationship. 

You were sure that she liked you as well.

You’ve had a three-piece suit, looking like a gentleman. Full of confidence, and go to the market to buy bouquets.

Aha, buy bouquets? I assume you’ve come to know as I said “buy bouquets”, and I’m seeing reading this post full of mature people.

You’re smart enough to understand where I am putting my feet, aren’t you?

By the way, let’s come to the point…

Having bought the bouquet, you call her to invite her to someplace she loves.

You wait a while for her and eventually, you see her coming to you. You keep looking at her without lowering your eyes.

She says, “Hi body! What’s up”

You’re hesitating to express your feelings but somehow you gain the courage to propose to her without even thinking about how she feels about you.

Because you were confident that she felt the same way, but it turns out to be rejection.

Alas! She rejects you.

And now you’re wondering and asking yourself:

  • Why she rejected you.
  • What were your flaws that made her reject you?
  • Or was she playing a game with you?

Many questions take birth in your mind.

But you don’t have to worry, because in this article you’re going to read “Why a girl may reject you even if you know she likes you.”

Without wasting your time, let’s dig into it for a better understanding.

Here’s Why A Girl Would Reject You If You Know She Likes You

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It’s you who have to find out why she rejects you even if she likes you – If you’re reading this at the moment, no need to worry. By the end of the article, you would have got a clear idea of why she rejected you

There are several reasons why a girl might reject you but before you jump to conclusions based on some assumptions.

Let me get you through the reasons you’ve come here to know, so you can get a better idea of why this happens.

Here are the reasons:

1). She’s Not Interested In a Relationship

It’s no surprise that a girl likes you, but it doesn’t mean she’s ready for any relationship at the moment.

There might be not one but plenty of reasons why she doesn’t want any physical relationship.

Here are a few:

  • She doesn’t feel right at the time to be involved in any relationship.
  • She’s other work to do so no time to think about it.
  • She needs some more time to get to know you better before taking any steps.
  • She might be thinking you’re already chasing after someone.

Other than that, she may be going through some sort of trauma or have not been ready to pursue any relationship at the moment.

So keep calm and don’t think too much about it.

Not only this but also look out for other signs to get a clear idea.

2). You Were Moving Far Too Slowly

You know she likes you but rejected you. It’s because you didn’t move your hand in time to express your feelings.

And as time passed, her feelings faded because no timely action was taken. Thus, she is no longer attracted to you.

She might be making an effort to get your attention, but it’s likely you delayed or hesitated to tell her what you are feeling.

And so it became a reason for rejection.

You might be asking ‌me here that “What now”? 

If you come to know that someone likes you, and you like them as well. Don’t keep your feelings from them 

It’s best to get to know each other before pursuing the relationship further because everyone has different personalities and thoughts to each other.

Dating her is the best idea if she wants, so you get some time to spend with her to notice closely what type she is.

3). You Didn’t Give a Damn The First Impression

As you saw her at first glance, you fell in love with her, and after some time, you noticed that she likes you as well, but rejected you. 

“Now you’re wondering what’s wrong with you that she rejected you.”

Let me highlight some common mistakes you make during first impressions:

  • You don’t know how to smile and make eye-to-eye contact when she looks at you.
  • You don’t see her right away ‌confidently in hopes to impress her. 
  • You’re playing with your smartphone, not paying attention to her.

Girls like ‌the confident guy, so if you’re not confident talking with her, or looking at her, she may think you’re a dependent guy who doesn’t make any decisions on his own.

Remember that the first impression is essential in all things to express a girl. If you can’t get her to catch your attention, you don’t know if you ever got her attention again.

As we discussed already, a few mistakes you make while dating a girl.

Now let’s talk about how you can get a girl interested in your first impression:

  • Be in full confidence while looking at her.
  • Don’t hesitate to speak with her.
  • Speak with her like she wouldn’t find anyone like you.
  • Talking with her like a champ.
  • Ask her questions like an independent person 
  • Make her feel like she wouldn’t find anyone like you.
  • Have your body language normal.
  • Don’t be nervous being around her.
  • Answers her questions politely.

Listen to her carefully while speaking without interrupting.

4). She Was Under Too Much Pressure

Portrait of upset woman

She rejected you, It is likely she was under too much pressure or doesn’t want any relationship at the moment. It’s best to ask her directly to get an obvious answer.

You know, sometimes it’s no wonder for girls when she rejects you. But why? It’s because you are likely making her feel too much pressure that she has got no way but to reject you. 

Here are a few examples that she may feel the pressure:

Always asking her for dating even when she is not feeling comfortable.

Getting her something done when she doesn’t want‌ it.

Not proper listening to her.

Lack of attention.

These are the reasons that she rejects you to keep away from pressure. In fact, no one wants to feel pressured and dependent on someone.  

When you don’t try to understand her situation and tell her what you want instead of what she wants, she feels pressured and thus rejects you.

However, don’t play too hard to impress her rather try to get to know each other, spend more time with her, and make her trust in you steadily. If you act upon what I’ve said, you might get her interested again. 

5). She Believes You Aren’t Perfect Enough

Sometimes the reason why she rejected you is because she thinks you’re not perfect for her in terms of being in a relationship with you.

You might ask your mind ‌what ‌‌perfect means, and the reasons are various when it comes to perfecting. I think no one is perfect and everyone has flaws.

But let me point out some of them that why she might think of you as perfect.

You’re not being loyal to her, and it’s undeniable that trust is the key to any relationship.

She might have noticed you talking with other girls closely.

You’re not meeting ‌her expectations that she’s looking after a man.

You don’t need to worry work on yourself and always be honest with the one you are dating.

6). She Thinks You’re an Irresponsible Person

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He asked you to do something recently and you didn’t do it. That’s why she thinks you’re not taking responsibility for her – and she wonders how she’ll spend the rest of her life with you if you don’t do what she says in the early stages.

If you are hanging out with each other for a while, and she’s demanded something like.

  • Buy bouquets for her.
  • Or taking her to the market.

If she asked or said to you for something, she came to know that you didn’t act upon what she had said to you, and that’s why she might have rejected you for your irresponsibility.

It;’s because she considers you an irresponsible man and thinks that if you don’t listen to her at the initial stage, how’ll she spend the rest of her life with you?

7). She’s Got Trust Issues

When she rejects you, it’s not always the case that she doesn’t like you, it’s because she has got some sort of trust issues or has not had a good past experience.

That’s why when she thinks about you, she’s afraid of getting hurt again the way that once she had.

Giving her some space is a wise decision, and in the meantime, try to get to know each other well.

It probably reminds her of a past experience that was not good enough to accept this new one.

What to Do If the Girl You Like Rejected You?

man and woman arguing

You’ve not to do anything instead figure out why she rejected you.

1). Figure Out The Reasons She Rejected You

If you want to know exactly why she rejected you.

The best way is ‌to ask her directly.

It is your responsibility to find out why he rejected you only if the rejection is bothering you repeatedly, and asking her directly is the best way to get what she says.

Do you know? With the lack of communication, we are losing a lot of things without even understanding the issues, and once you’ve lost the benefits, you wouldn’t be able to do anything but grab your own head. 

So it’s better to have ‌clear communication before assuming anything. 

Remember, clear communication is necessary for any healthy relationship, you wouldn’t know about any issue without clear communication.  

Your focus shouldn’t be to scare or force her, but to understand her better and to know the issue of her rejection.

  • Listen carefully to what she says.
  • Don’t try to judge her.
  • Don’t say anything until she is done speaking.

First Listen to her story completely before interpreting it.

2). Expect Nothing

You laid your head at his feet, and she turned you down, right? It’s frustrating when it’s the first time, I know.

Don’t take it seriously when someone rejects you.

Time heals everything.

Rejections convey several meanings:

  • She may not want a relationship right now.
  • She may not find you suitable for her.

It doesn’t convey any deep meanings, and in fact, you don’t think about it too much.

Let it ‌be as it is.

Just because she rejected you doesn’t mean you’re flawed, but it’s likely that your two personalities don’t match each other.

Everything will get better as time passes.

Accept it and move on.

What Should I Do When A Girl Rejects Me?

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What should I do when a girl rejects me? It’s okay to reject you. Don’t be hyper, be a man like a champ – Give her some time to realize that she had got a mistake by rejecting you.

1). Don’t Attract Her, Be Attractive

In waiting and chasing her, you gain nothing but lose your dignity. Wouldn’t you like to be the person girls want to date?

Always think outside the box and keep your options open rather than invest all your energy in one girl who doesn’t like you apparently.

There are a lot of girls out there who might be taking an interest in you.

You might be wondering how you can attract a girl who came to you to express her feelings.

Well, attracting a girl is not as difficult as you think. It’s all about what you’ve got to offer.

But before you’ve done something for her, think about what you can offer that she wants:

  • Does she want security?
  • Does she want love?
  • Does she want freedom?
  • Does she want honesty?

If you’ve known what she literally wants, and then offered it to her, she will probably like you. 

With that said, work on yourself if you really want to make a girl attracted to you.

Once you’re able to fulfill a girl’s exactions, there is no chance left that a girl would reject you.

2). Give Her Some Time And Space

If you think or notice that she needs some time, give her time to open up with you.

She may not be certain how she feels about you at the time, so she prefers to wait to see if she had ever thought about you as a life partner. 

It’s not just that:

  • She may not be ready at the moment. 
  • She’s not over her ex yet.
  • She has some sort of personal issues.

The ‌reasons are various, but if this is the case, she might come to you any time to express her feelings once she’s handled the matter.   

All you can do right now is give her a little time to sort those things out.

3). Get to Know Her

She’s not ready to commit to a relationship with you yet. As I’ve said several times that just because you like her doesn’t mean she likes you as well.

She might prefer to be friends with you first and take things slow to get to know you better before entering into a relationship. 

She may take time to decide whether or not she wants ‌to pursue the relationship, It’s because she wants the comfort of not having regrets moving forward in life.

Girls are more sensitive than boys about their life and career to see whether you meet their desire as an ideal boyfriend.

 Take some time and try to get to know her better.

Things to Recall After Being Rejected

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Things to remember when you’ve been rejected – she didn’t deserve you and one day, having the storm passed you’ll feel happy.

1). She Is Not Worth Chasing 

You thought that she might be your perfect life partner, but it turned out differently from what you thought about her.

You don’t need to be upset and think she was not suitable for you.

There are plenty of other girls out there who can appreciate and accept you for who you’re and what you have.

Everyone loves to live life in their own way. You can’t make someone trust you with your affection.

And probably, how would you spend your whole life with someone who requires you to be convinced of how much you deserve her?

As it is said, “True love doesn’t need any explanation. It often just happens without even much thinking.”

2). One day You’ll Feel Relief

One day you would realize the benefits. Once you have gone through the storm, you’d not remain the same person.

Soon you will meet someone new who appreciates you and gives your relationship value, and that’s exactly when ‌you will feel content, at ease, and motivated.

Remember that the one who rejected you gave you a chance at the same time to be with someone who deserves you.


  1. She’s Not Interested In a Relationship
  2. You Were Moving Far Too Slowly
  3. You Didn’t Give a Damn The First Impression
  4. She Was Under Too Much Pressure
  5. She Believes You Aren’t Perfect Enough
  6. She Thinks You’re an Irresponsible Person
  7. She’s Got Trust Issues

With all that being said, now let’s go to the conclusion paragraph.


I want you to be reminded in case no one has told you so far:

Rejection is not a bad thing.

Just think that the girl you like was not meeting your standards.

It’s best for you.

You have no power over someone to love you, and if you push someone too hard to love you, it will push them further away.

In fact, you don’t need to convince someone to love you.

As I said earlier, “True love doesn’t ask for proof, it just happens.”

Okay! Let’s assume you’ve made her convince somehow to love you.

Then what?

Ask yourself: 

  • Does she really love you?
  • Was she really worth chasing?

Our work is ending here…

Now it ‌ depends on you what you decide for yourself.

I hope you have got some clarity with this guide.

If you’ve any questions leave me a comment below. 

Also, make sure to share it with your friends. 

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