Why Does My Husband Seek Female Attention? 13 True Reasons

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Is your husband always seeking attention from other women? This may make you feel upset and puzzled. 

Even if you love and care for him, he may still want more attention from others. 

But remember, you are not the only one feeling this way. In fact, many husbands struggle with this issue. 

There is some good news. It’s possible that there are reasons why your husband wants attention from women.

Read on to find out the top 13 reasons and what you can do about them! 

A Quick Recap:

You can make your relationship better by identifying and solving problems.

This will help you and your partner connect better.   

Your husband may seek female attention because he lacks emotional support from you.

This could manifest itself in many ways such as: 

  • Feeling ignored when important conversations come up.
  • Not feeling valued or appreciated in the relationship.
  • Not receiving enough physical affection from you.
  • Feeling unheard or misunderstood when he expresses his feelings.

If emotions are not talked about, a partner might cheat. So, it’s vital for both partners to openly discuss their needs and feelings.   

Taking time each day to listen without judgement and actively show your love can make a big difference in how connected each person feels in the relationship.

13 Reasons Why Your Husband Seeks Other Women’s Attention

Your partner seeking attention from other women may leave you questioning why.

Studies reveal that 1 in 4 married men acknowledge engaging in an emotional affair.   

Sometimes, a man wants validation from someone other than his partner.

This can be because he feels ignored or unvalued by his partner.   He may cheat on his wife if he thinks she doesn’t appreciate him enough or give him attention.

Sometimes, a husband cheats because he’s bored or curious.

If your husband is seeking attention from women, it’s essential for both of you to talk honestly about it.

Learning about your partner’s needs and desires can improve your relationship.

Make sure you understand how they are different from yours, so you both get what you need.

Not only that, read about 13 real reasons why your husband wants attention from other women for better understanding.

1). Lack of Intimacy

Many relationships lack intimacy, causing one partner to look for it somewhere else.

If your husband wants attention from other women, it may mean he’s not feeling close to you emotionally.   

It can be easy to get into a routine and forget about making time for meaningful conversations or physical contact.

When you don’t connect with your husband, he may feel unsatisfied and seek an emotional bond with someone else.

If you feel like something is missing in your relationship, it might be time to take action.

You could try to bring back the excitement by spending quality time with your partner.

This way, you can both feel closer and happier.

Try to talk openly and honestly about how you both feel.

Spend quality time together without distractions. Make sure to continue physical touch in your relationship. 

2). Unmet Emotional Needs

Not having your emotional needs met can make you feel unhappy and want to find the connection you need.  

If your husband’s emotional needs are not met within your relationship, he might look for female attention.

He may be looking to fill an emotional void, or even someone to talk to and connect with.

Here are some of the ways unmet emotional needs could be impacting your marriage: 

  • He may feel like he cannot bring up difficult topics or express his feelings without judgment from you.
  • He might feel that he has no one to turn to if he’s having a bad day or going through a tough time emotionally.
  • He may need more support than you are able to give him during times of stress or difficulty in life.
  • He may need more meaningful conversations, connections, and understanding from you every day. If he doesn’t get that, he may seek validation and companionship elsewhere.  

3). Insecurity in the Relationship

If you don’t feel secure in your relationship, it can make you feel alone and distant.

You may try to find comfort and someone to understand you.  

When a couple doesn’t talk or do things to become closer, it can feel like the relationship is missing something.  

Your husband may seek attention from others, friends or strangers when feeling insecure in the marriage.

He might find it easier to talk to someone else about how he feels rather than discuss it with you.  

This lack of emotional connection could also have him looking elsewhere for comfort and companionship; this might manifest itself through flirting with others online or conversations that have inappropriate undertones. 

It’s important to understand that this behavior may not mean he’s cheating.

Instead, he may be looking for validation and to feel valued, even if he doesn’t feel that way about you.

4). Boredom and Excitement

As your relationship becomes routine, he may want something new and exciting like a moth to a flame.

Seeking female attention could be one way for him to find excitement and novelty in his life.

This could include: 

  • Looking at other women in public settings.
  • Flirting with acquaintances or colleagues. 
  • Engaging in conversations on social media with other females.

This behavior, however, doesn’t necessarily mean that your husband isn’t satisfied with your relationship.

He may only want to feel wanted by someone else because it makes him feel good about himself.

If this behavior is a problem for you and your partner, talk about it openly and honestly.

5). Low Self-Esteem

It could be that your husband’s need for female attention is rooted in low self-esteem.

He may feel unsure about himself and crave approval from others.

This is especially true with women. This behavior may be a way of boosting his confidence and feeling better about himself.

If he is seeking female attention, it may be because of his low self-esteem.

If you do address his self-esteem issues, you can get to the root of the problem. 

You can talk to him directly to find out what’s making him feel this way.

He might be dealing with past trauma, depression, or anxiety, and talking about it can help.  

If he needs it, suggest he sees a professional to help with his need for constant approval.

This could help him identify and work through any problems that are causing it.  

6. Feeling Unappreciated 

Your husband seeking female attention may not mean he doesn’t appreciate you.

He might feel that his marriage does not offer him the closeness and recognition he wants.  

Here are four possible causes for this feeling of lack of appreciation: 

  • He may not feel valued for working on his job, hobbies, or doing daily chores at home.
  • He might have different hopes and dreams than you do in your relationship. This can make him frustrated and unhappy. 
  • He may feel distant in your relationship because of changes like having kids or moving to a new place.
  • If your husband did not receive emotional support growing up, he may struggle to notice when someone appreciates him.   

It’s crucial to know the reason why he wants female attention to improve your marriage.

7). Unfulfilled Sexual Desires 

It’s possible that your husband is feeling an unfulfilled sexual desire.

He might think your relationship lost its excitement or passion.

He may be searching for someone else to fill the gap in his life. They could provide the attention and excitement that lacks in your marriage.

He may not want to be with other women, but he might want to feel good by talking to them or hearing nice things from them.

To make things work, talk to your partner and share your feelings. Both of you should make an effort to fulfil each other’s needs in the marriage.

8). Fear of Commitment 

He may be struggling with a fear of commitment, unable to let go of the idea that something better is out there.

Your husband may be seeking attention from other women because he’s not ready to commit to one person for good.

He may not be sure if his current relationship provides him with what he needs, or if it’s even going to last.

He may look for approval from others because he is afraid of missing out on something or someone better.

Your husband may struggle to commit due to previous negative experiences like failed relationships or abandonment from relatives. 

He might be concerned about history repeating itself. He wants to make the right choices for himself. 

When people feel insecure, they look for approval from others to fill the gap. This can mean they try to get attention from other women.

9). Need for Reassurance 

Looking for approval outside a relationship may come from a desire to be sure one is making the right choices. 

Your husband may always doubt himself, even for simple choices.

He might not feel secure and may need validation from other women due to a lack of trust in himself.

This behavior might come from not feeling good enough or having low confidence.

It could also show that he’s not sure who he is. He may seem confident, but inside he might feel uncertain and insecure.

This can make him doubt himself and look for validation from others.

Needing constant external validation can harm your relationship with your partner.

It’s crucial to support them in working on these insecurities for the sake of their marriage.  

10). Need for Control 

It could be that your husband’s need for female attention is motivated by a need to feel in control.

People who want to have control exhibit this in various ways.

They may control their conversations with women and insist on sticking to their plans.  

He may want to be in control when he’s around girls because he’s scared of being judged or feeling insecure.

He might worry that if he does not take the initiative, someone else will and he won’t have a say in the matter.

He may also be driven by a fear of failure or a feeling of inadequacy amongst his peers.

11). Seeking Something New 

Finding out why you want something new can be a long journey, but it’s worth it.  

Maybe your husband is looking for emotional bonding or seeking reassurance from other women.

Or he might not be happy with the relationship he has with you. In either case, it may be indicative of an unmet need that he’s trying to fill.

Your husband may want something new because he wants to experience more in life.

Being in the same relationship all the time might make him feel like he’s missing out on things. 

He might feel that being in a committed relationship with you limits his freedom and sense of self.

So, he wants to experience something new and exciting. 

It’s important to acknowledge how your husband feels, even if it may not be true. Try to address any restlessness or boredom he may be experiencing in his current situation.

12). Unresolved Issues from the Past 

Sometimes, events from the past might be the reason why you want something new.

It’s essential to accept these emotions so that you can make progress. 

It can be hard to admit that previous relationships could be influencing current behaviors, but understanding this is essential if you want to improve your marriage. 

Taking a break can help process pain or insecurity. It may be from a past relationship or even childhood.

This can make you more aware of what’s causing discomfort, so you can work on it and not let it ruin your marriage.   

Talking openly with your husband can help you both understand each other.

It’s helpful to share how you feel about his actions and listen when he explains.

He may have other reasons for not talking about these things. It could be due to stress or sadness.

It’s important to consider these issues and get help for mental health if needed.   

Talking to each other helps resolve tension and bring back closeness.

13). Lack of Emotional Support 

Loneliness can feel like a big hole. It’s important to talk to your partner to get support.

Is your husband looking for attention from other women?

This could mean he’s not getting what he needs from your relationship.

He may feel unheard or not valued and may turn to external sources for validation.

Both partners need emotional support for a relationship to work.

Sometimes, if you can’t give each other the emotional support you need in a relationship, it’s okay to seek help from outside sources.

A therapist can help you learn better ways to express your emotions.

They can also explain why your husband is seeking attention from other women.

Improving communication with your partner can benefit your relationship as a whole.

Take proactive steps to ensure both of you are being heard and understood.


It’s hard to understand why your husband is seeking attention from other women.

But, don’t let it control your relationship.

He may want to fill a gap in the relationship or seek adventure and excitement.

Regardless of the reason, there are steps you can take to help address the issue.

Talk to your husband about how his behavior affects you and try to find ways to improve your intimacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Husband Seek Other Woman’s Attention? 

Your husband may want more attention because he feels insecure or unfulfilled in your relationship, like a car running out of gas even though it was filled up.

Craving validation and attention from others may mean someone is emotionally insecure.

This may happen for different reasons. It may be caused by early life experiences or biology.

Sometimes, feeling like your partner is assuming you’ll always be there can cause resentment.

This could happen when you’re not getting enough praise or gratitude.  

Understanding why he seeks female attention can help you both move forward.

He can solve his problems by talking about his feelings and needs.

This could help find out why he seeks validation from others. 

If you help him feel more secure and valued, he might not want to seek attention from other women.

Why Do Men Seek Attention Outside of Their Relationships? 

Sometimes men want attention from others because they don’t feel valued in their relationship.

They want people to notice them and appreciate them because they’re not getting that at home.    

This could be because they feel disconnected or unheard, their needs are not being met, or they want to explore new possibilities outside of the current relationship.

Sometimes, a man might be bored with his life and want to find excitement with someone else. This could cause him to cheat on his partner.

Sometimes, men seek attention from others when they don’t feel valued or cared for by their partners.

If this is happening, it’s crucial to talk honestly about it. Such openness can help both partners reconnect and strengthen their bond.

It’s important for couples to set boundaries for what’s okay in their relationship.

They should also make time for themselves and do things they enjoy on their own. 

Couples can bond better by doing this instead of seeking emotional satisfaction from someone else.

How Do I Deal With My Husband’s Attention Seeker? 

When your partner is an attention seeker, it can be challenging to handle the situation.

Try to understand what they need and create a strong bond between you.

This will make them happy, and they won’t have to seek validation elsewhere. 

Open communication with your partner. Ask why they seek attention from others.

Listen without judgement and try to get to the root of what’s causing this behavior.

Divide and conquer! Understand what drives your partner to work better together and improve your emotional relationship.

You can take care of yourself to keep calm when you feel upset about your partner’s actions.

Chat with trusted friends or family, do yoga or mindfulness, or have some alone time if needed. 

Take care of yourself to handle situations with your partner. Be patient and understanding while protecting yourself.

Is Seeking Attention From Others While in a Relationship Cheating? 

Wanting attention from others when in a relationship can hurt both people emotionally.

It might cause them to feel betrayed and create mistrust. 

It’s crucial to know the difference between being attention-seeking, like chatting with friends or flirting with strangers, and being unfaithful to your partner.

If your spouse does things that could lead to intimacy with someone else, that’s cheating.

It’s important for couples to have open communication about their needs and boundaries. 

Talk openly with your husband about his need for attention from other women so that you can both come to a mutual

understanding about what is acceptable behavior within the relationship.

Clear expectations help avoid problems. It’s easier to address any issues that come up in the future if you set expectations beforehand.

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